Community Partner Spotlight

Jack Beck, Executive Director of TurnOut

August 2021 - Astrid Kane

Whether supporting homeless queer youth, LGBTQ+ elders, mental health, queer history, or queer arts, Oakland-based TurnOut helps match volunteers with more than 100 queer nonprofits across the Bay Area.

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Gert McMullin, ‘Mother of the AIDS Quilt’ and SF Pride Volunteer

July 2021 - Astrid Kane

Helping sew and repair the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt since its inception in 1987.

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Karyn Skultety from Openhouse

May 2021 - Astrid Kane

For 23 years, Openhouse has worked to ensure that older adults in San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ community have access to housing, wellness programs, and a strong sense of dignity and belonging.

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Sister Celine Dionysus from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

April 2021 - Astrid Kane

Sister Celine Dionysus gushes about the honeybear nun, her elevation via Zoom, and more!

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Sophia Andary from Women's March

March 2021 - Astrid Kane

As San Francisco Pride announced on Wednesday, we will not be producing a large-scale Parade down Market Street in 2021. Given that this is Women's History Month, we wanted to check in on another large-scale annual event that came to the same decision this year The Women's March San Francisco.

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Okan Sengun from LGBT Asylum Project

February 2021 - Astrid Kane

Okan Sengun leads the LGBT Asylum Project, which SF Pride’s board chose as a Community Grand Marshal in 2020.

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