Statement from SF Pride Board on Uniformed Police in Parade

23 May 2022

A Statement from the Interim Executive Director and Board of Directors of San Francisco Pride:

San Francisco Pride has been working for the past several months with law enforcement agencies, including the SFPD Pride Alliance, to come to an agreement that prioritizes marginalized communities to ensure they are safe, represented, and included during Pride month and beyond. One of the top priorities is that San Francisco Pride remains a positive, celebratory event for all, especially for our Black, Trans, and Lesbian/Gay/Queer+ family.

For the 2022 SF Pride Parade, SF Pride requested that those participating from law enforcement agencies do so out of uniform and in an alternative attire that still represents their organization. Unfortunately, we have not come to a solution that is mutually beneficial.

SF Pride remains committed to practicing radical inclusion, practicing harm reduction in our space, and supporting those who are marginalized within our community. We acknowledge and appreciate the steps that have been taken to heal decades of distrust between law enforcement agencies and the LGBTQ+ communities.

We look forward to working with Pride organizations and law enforcement agencies from around the world in finding a solution that is satisfactory to all.

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