SF Pride Team

The production of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade is a year-­round effort led by a group of dedicated staff and contractors.

Board of Directors

Carolyn Wysinger
President; she/her/hers
Suzanne Ford
Vice President; she/her/hers
Nguyen Pham
Secretary; he/him/his
Anjali Rimi
Treasurer; she/her/hers
Bivett Brackett
Tuquan Harrison
pronouns flexible
Elizabeth Lanyon
Lady Diana Oliva
Manuel Perez
Joshua Smith

Board of Directors Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, Board meetings take place at 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday of every month. Meeting dates and locations are subject to change. Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe.

Meeting schedule can be found at https://members.sfpride.org

Contact the Board of Directors at board@sfpride.org


Fred Lopez he/him
Executive Director
Rachel Jacob Barnett she/her
Director of Partnerships and Giving
Peter-Astrid Kane they/them
Communications Manager
Shannon they/them
Executive Assistant
Marsha H. Levine she/her
Community Relations & Facility Manager
Jacob Dornan he/him
Production Manager


Jim Gong
Scott Shuemake
Event Director
Chris Grafton
Systems Administrator
Lisa Williams
Community Advisory Board Coordinator
Mike Taft
Parade Manager
Eddie Shapiro
VIP Manager