Community Partner Program

2022 Community Partner Grant Awardees

SF Pride has awarded over $3.28 million dollars to Community Partners.

SF Pride's Board of Directors were pleased to award $2k grants to each organization that applied to take part in the Community Partner Program. Though activated differently than in the past, SF Pride is proud to give back to the community as we face difficulty and hardship ourselves.

TurnOut, Inc.

San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band

Trans Advocacy and Care Team

Healing Waters Wilderness Adventures

San Francisco Gay Basketball Association

California Men's Gatherings

San Francisco Gay Softball League

Silicon Valley Gay Softball League


TRANScend Retreat

San Francisco Spikes

Berkeley All Blues Rugby Club

Imperial Council of San Francisco

San Francisco Tsunami Water Polo

Performing Arts Social Society Inc

Project MORE Foundation Inc.

Foggy City Dancers

Open Door Legal

Bayard Rustin Coalition

Berkeley East Bay Humane Society

The Imperial Star Empire of Alameda and Contra Costa

San Francisco Track & Field Club

Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County

The Council of Grand Dukes & Grand Duchesses of SF

City of Refuge, United Church of Christ

Silicon Valley Pride

Temenos Catholic Worker