SF Pride Announces Results of 2023 Board Election

October 23, 2023

Author: BOSPAR


SF Pride Announces Results of 2023 Board Election

This election marks the return of a majority of trans or non-binary board members, highlighting SF Pride’s mission of amplifying diverse voices

San Francisco, CA, October 18, 2023 — San Francisco Pride is thrilled to announce the results of the 2023 Board Election, following a successful voting process. Members cast their ballots at SF Pride’s Annual General Membership on Tuesday, September 12, and the final votes were tallied virtually.

The winners of the election for the three open board seats are as follows:

Dr. Nas Mohamed, with an impressive 85 votes, securing an open seat and making history as the first board member from the Gulf Region. Adell Hanson-Kahn, with a commendable 80 votes, clinching another open seat. Joshua Smith, with 64 votes, successfully reelected to serve on the board.

This election marks the return of a majority of trans or non-binary board members, highlighting a commitment to SF Pride’s inclusive values and its dedication to ensuring representation at the executive level.

The Executive Board Election took place on October 4, and the Executive Committee remains unified with unanimous votes for the following positions:

  • President: Nguyen Pham
  • Vice President: Janelle Luster
  • Secretary: Spring Collins
  • Treasurer: Robert Louie

“I’m excited that there’s continuity of leadership at the executive level,” said Nguyen Pham, the newly reelected President of SF Pride. “With all of my executive committee, continuing onward, reelected, unanimously, I think that goes to show that we’re on the right track in terms of our constituent concerns.”

“SF Pride’s board elections are not just a democratic process; they represent the heartbeat of our organization,” said Suzanne Ford, Executive Director of SF Pride. “We are thrilled to welcome these exceptional individuals who will bring new perspectives and energy to our leadership. Their diverse voices and the unity of our reelected executive committee ensure that we continue to champion the values of inclusion and progress that are at the core of our mission.”

You can find more information about the newly elected board members, including their bios and headshots, at members.sfpride.org/election for a limited time.

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The San Francisco Pride Celebration Committee is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to produce the SF Pride Celebration and Parade. The mission of the organization is to educate the world on LGBTQ+ issues, as well as commemorate the heritage, celebrate the culture and liberate the people of all LGBTQ+ communities. A world leader in the Pride movement, SF Pride is also a grant-giving organization through its Community Partners Program. Since 1997, SF Pride has granted over $3 million dollars in proceeds to local non-profit LGBTQ+ organizations and organizations working on issues related to HIV/AIDS, cancer, homelessness, housing rights and animal welfare.

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