San Francisco Pride Human Rights Summit
Thursday, June 27

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Sheryl Davis

Human Rights Commission

Daniel Trujillo

Trans Prom

Connie Murphy


Special appearance:
Human Rights Commission Director Sheryl Davis

Keynote Speakers:
Honey Mahogany, Co-Founder Transgender District, Member of Commando, & Chair of
San Francisco Democratic Club

Schuyler Bailar, first openly transgender NCAA Division I swimmer, author, educator, advocate.

Other speakers:
Daniel Trujillo, Trans PromConnie Murphy, LYRIC
JM Jaffe, Lyon-Martin Community Health
Bamby Salcedo, Translatina Coalition
Bia, Vieira, Women's Foundation California

2023 SF Pride Inaugural Human Rights Summit at the Commonwealth Club

Michelle Meow of the Commonwealth Club, SF Pride Executive Director Suzanne Ford, Montana State Representative Zoey Zephyr, and
SF Pride President Nguyen Pham at the San Francisco Pride Inaugural Human Rights Summit, June 22, 2023. Photo by Robyn Adams.

At a time of unprecedented attacks on freedom and human rights for the LGBTQIA community nationally and worldwide, San Francisco Pride convened the 1st Annual Human Rights Summit on Thursday June 22, 2023.

We were joined by speakers from around the country addressing the urgent issues that currently face us all.

Keynote speaker Imani Rupert-Gordon of the National Center for Lesbian Rights opened the seesion.

Breakout sessions included panels on the Interconnectedness of Generations, trans activism in red states, race and intersectionality, AAPI hate, drag and freedom of expression, corporate activism, and more.

The closing speaker was Zoey Zephyr, Montana State Representive.

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