June 29 and 30, 2013

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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride

2015 Event Content - Request for Proposals

1. Introduction

The SF Pride Committee welcomes event content submissions from community groups and businesses that enhance the overall program and deepen the appeal of the event. As such, new proposals that are close in format to existing features of the event are unlikely to be accepted, although proposals that seek to improve existing features are always welcome.

Your proposal will be judged upon its merits. Please refer to the guidelines below when preparing your proposal. Proposals that do not address these aspects may not be accepted.

2. Program Overview

Please include in your proposal a program overview. What is it that you propose to do? The program overview should identify a perceived need as well as the audience(s) to be served.

3. Relevance to Mission

Your proposal should directly address how it serves the Mission of the organization:

The Mission of the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration Committee is to educate the World, commemorate our heritage, celebrate our culture and, liberate our people.

4. Finance

The Pride Committee does not have the resources to completely fund new event content so your proposal should be either self-financing or able to identify income sources. A budget for the project should be attached. It is to be noted that third party sponsorship is subject to approval by SF Pride based upon SF Pride’s Corporate Participation Policy and SF Pride’s relationships with its existing sponsors. With that in mind, sponsorship from an undisclosed or third party is subject to approval by SF Pride in SF Pride’s sole discretion. There are some situations in which the Pride Committee will allow third-party collaborations to take place, and so you should contact the office for guidance prior to drafting your proposal or speaking to any potential funders.

5. Management

Your proposal should address how the event feature is to be managed. Community stages and venues are themselves responsible for recruiting and managing their own volunteers and/or staffing. This means that your proposal should be both self-financing and self-implemented. Identify in the proposal the human resources necessary (e.g., Stage Manager) and how those persons are to be recruited.

6. Logistical Considerations

Your proposal should detail the structures and other equipment necessary to bring your proposal to life. If staging is involved, a draft plan would be required. How much space does your proposed venue require? Will you need amplified sound? Are there any other material logistical or technical considerations that ought to be considered?

7. Ancillary Benefits

Your proposal should also identify any possible ancillary benefits to SF Pride and/or the community in terms of fundraising, volunteer recruitment, community outreach, and public relations.

8. Profile

Please include materials about your organization/business to let us know who you are and what you do on a day-to-day basis. Please provide bios of key personnel associated with the project and prior experience your organization/business has with similar projects. Please include press articles and/or other supporting materials.

9. Confidentiality & Disclosure

All proposals submitted are treated in confidence up until the time a decision is made. Any proprietary information or other intellectual property should be clearly labeled as such.

In addition, in the event that we go through an existing or potential organizational transition, such as a merger, acquisition, liquidation or sale of all or a portion of our assets, your information will, in most instances, be part of the assets transferred.

Finally, we may, without your consent, access and disclose the information you provide us, any communications sent or received by you, and any other information that we may have about you as may be permitted or required by law, regulation, rule or court order; pursuant to requests from governmental, regulatory or administrative agencies or law enforcement authorities; or to prevent, investigate, identify persons or organizations potentially involved in, or take any action regarding suspected fraud, or activity that appears to us to be illegal or we believe may expose us to legal liability. Additionally, we may disclose information that you provide to us in situations that we believe to be emergencies involving potential threats to the physical safety or any person or property if we believe that your information in any way relates to that threat.
The Pride Committee reserves the right to make public the content of all proposals following the decision date.

10. Decision Date/Process

The deadline for receipt of proposals is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 1, 2012. Please send your proposal either via email, regular mail or fax to the attention of the Event Director at the addresses/number below.

SF Pride will make decisions regarding proposals in early January of 2013, and applicants will be notified in writing by January 31, 2013.

SF Pride reserves the right to seek out and solicit event content proposals as part of its ongoing program of community engagement and outreach and has the sole authority to select, modify or not select any proposal.

11. Closing

The above guidelines set out our minimum expectations. Please feel free to add more information and documentation to your proposal, e.g. videos, photos, etc.


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