June 29 and 30, 2013

Photo Credit: Rick Gerharter

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride

Grand Marshals

San Francisco Pride's Grand Marshals are local heroes from the nine-counties of the San Francisco Bay Area who have made significant contricbutions to the SF Bay Area LGBTQ community, or as openly gay members of the LGBTQ community, have made significant contributions to society at large.

Our Grand Marshals represent the LGBTQ community's highest ambitions for inclusion, justice and equality, and Pride welcomes the community's input in our selections. San Francisco Pride's Grand Marshals fall into the following categories:

Detailed definitions of these categories can be found in our Policies and Procedures regarding the Grand Marshal and Pink Brick Award.


Nominations for Community and Organizational Grand Marshals, plus the Pink Brick Award open at the December 9 General Membership meeting and closed at the January 13 General Membership meeting.

Public Vote

The public vote for Community Grand Marshal, Organizational Grand Marshal, and Pink Brick has ended. The winner of the public vote for Community Grand Marshal is Judy Dlugacz, founder of Olivia Travel and human rights activist. The Transgender Law Center is the winner of the Organizational Grand Marshal vote, and the American Family Assocaition is winner of the Pink Brick award.

More information coming soon.

Membership Choice for Community Grand Marshal

The membership selected Alicia Garza as the Memberhips Choice for Community Grand Marshal at the March 10 Membership Meeting.

More information coming soon.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Board of Directors may choose to appoint a Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal at the April Board Meeting.

San Francisco Pride recognizes community leaders and one infamous detractor in the following categories:

  • Celebrity Grand Marshals for the 2012 Parade
  • Organizational Community Grand Marshal
  • Individual Community Grand Marshals
  • Pink Brick

Past Grand Marshals


Janet Mock

Janet Mock

Celebrity Grand Marshals:
Janet Mock
Roberta Kaplan
Ross Mathews

Guest of Honor:
Barney Frank

Celebrity Guest:
E.J. Johnson, III

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal:
Judy Grahn

Gilbert Baker Pride Founder's Award:
Dr. Ted McIlVenna

Individual Community Grand Marshals:
Miss Major Griffin-Gracy
Jewlyes Gutierrez
Tommi Avicolli Mecca
Melanie Nathan

Organizational Grand Marshal:
Trans March

Honorary Grand Marshal:
Chelsea Manning

Pink Brick Recipient:
Scott Lively



Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha Coffey

Celebrity Grand Marshals:
Tabatha Coffey
Roger Ross Williams
Alex Newell
Cheyenne Jackson
Thomas Roberts
Mondo Guerra

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal:
Alvin H. Baum

Jose Julio Sarria History Maker:
The Leffew Family

Individual Community Grand Marshals:
Kamala Harris
Crystal Jang
BeBe Sweetbriar
Dr. Betty Sullivan
Mario Benton
Veronika Fimbres
Chili D.
Perry Lang & Kenneth Monteiro

Local Organizational Grand Marshal:
Bay Area Youth Summit

Pink Brick Recipient:
Boy Scouts of America


Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

Celebrity Grand Marshals:
Sarah Silverman
Dot Brown
Carmen Carrera

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal:
Willie L. Brown, Jr.

Gilbert Baker Pride Founders Award:
Gilbert Baker

Individual Community Grand Marshals:
Rebecca Prozan
Sister Roma
Olga Talamante
Morningstar Vancil
Gary Virginia

Global Grand Marshal:
Bishop Christopher Senyonjo

Local Organizational Grand Marshal:
ACLU of Northern California

Pink Brick Recipient:
Peter La Barbera


Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono

Celebrity Grand Marshals:
Chaz Bono
Olympia Dukakis
LaKisha Hoffman
Yigit Pura

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal:
Bishop Yvette Flunder

Special Guests:
Dustin Lance Black
Jeremy Ray Valdez

Individual Community Grand Marshals:
Dr. Aaron Belkin
Victoria Kolakowski
Christiana Remington
Therese "Terry" Stewart
Rev. Roland Stringfellow
Graylin K. Thornton

National Organizational Grand Marshal:
The Trevor Project

Local Organizational Grand Marshal:
The GLBT Historical Society & History Museum

Honorary Grand Marshals:
Susie Bright
Ron Wong

Pink Brick Recipient:
Lou Engle


Cheer SF at SF Gay Pride

(Photo Credit: Tom Hwang)

Celebrity Grand Marshals:
Alice Walker
Zoe Dunning
Andy Bell

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal:
Ambassador James Hormel

Special Guests:
Nancy Pelosi on video

Community Grand Marshals:
All past Pride Grand Marshals were invited back to celebrate as Community Grand Marshals

Organizational Grand Marshal:
Cheer SF


Lieutenant Dan Choi at SF Pride

(Photo Credit: Bill Wilson)

Celebrity Grand Marshals:
Cloris Leachman
Lt. Dan Choi
The MILK Movie Team:
Bruce Cohen
Dan Nicoletta
Howard Rosenman
Real-life MILK Team:
Tory Hartmann
Frank Robinson
John Ryckman

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal:
William Beasley

Organizational Grand Marshal:
National Association for the Advancement of
Colored People (NAACP)

Community Grand Marshals:
Joe Hawkins
Molly McKay and Davina Kotulski
Shannon Minter
Andrea Shorter
Helen Zia

Special Guests:
Calpernia Addams
Darryl Stephens
Shirley Tan and Jay Mercado
The Cast of "WICKED"

Pink Brick Recipient:
Carrie Prejean

Pink Brick Runner-up:
Archbishop George H. Niederauer


SF Pride Grand Marshals

(Photo Credit: Bill Wilson)

Celebrity Grand Marshals:
Cyndi Lauper
The Producers of The Milk Movie
Stuart Milk

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal:
Theresa Sparks

Organizational Grand Marshal:
Gay Asian Pacific Alliance

Community Grand Marshals:
Erick Argüello
Joan Benoît
Marvin Burrows
Joey Cain
Evan Low
Julius Turman

Honorary Grand Marshals:
Brett Andrews
Miguel Bustos
Trauma Flintstone
Shannon Minter
Tina Phillips
Dr. Carol Queen

Pink Brick Recipient:
Bill O'Reilly


The Men of Noah's Arc

(Photo Credit: Bill Wilson)

Celebrity Grand Marshals:
The Cast of “Noah’s Arc”
Eric Alva
Jan Wahl

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal:
Pat Norman

Organizational Grand Marshal:
Rainbow World Fund

Community Grand Marshals:
Dolores Caruthers & Laura Espinosa
John Newsome
Page Hodel
Robert Haaland
Stuart Gaffney & John Lewis

Pink Brick Recipient:
George W. Bush


Celebrity Grand Marshal Jennifer Beals

(Photo Credit: Jane Cleland)

Celebrity Grand Marshals:
Jennifer Beals
Honey Labrador
Reichen Lehmkuhl

Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal:
Sgt. Elliot Blackstone

Organizational Grand Marshal:
The Billy deFrank LGBT Center of San Jose

Community Grand Marshals:
Marion Abdullah
Robert Bernardo
Cecilia Chung
Dr. Kathleen McGuire
Sal Rosselli
Lancy Woo and Cristy Chung

Pink Brick Recipient:
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


More Grand Marshal History 2003-2008

Marion Abdullah  2006 Community Grand Marshal
Tom  Ammiano 2000 Community Grand Marshal
Erick  Argüello 2008 Community Grand Marshal
Jennifer Beals 2006 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Joan  Benoît 2008 Community Grand Marshal
Robert Bernardo 2006 Community Grand Marshal
Billy deFrank LGBT Center of San Jose 2006 Organizational Community Grand Marshal
Sgt. Elliot Blackstone 2006 Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal
Randy Burns 2005 Community Grand Marshal
Marvin Burrows 2008 Community Grand Marshal
Joey Cain 2008 Community Grand Marshal
Dolores Caruthers 2007 Community Grand Marshal w/ Laura Espinosa as a couple
Ilene Chaiken 2005 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Margaret Cho 2000 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Cecilia Chung 2006 Community Grand Marshal
Cristy Chung 2006 Community Grand Marshal - shared honor with Lancy Woo
Alan Cumming 2004 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Equality California 2005 Organizational Grand Marshal
Laura Espinosa 2007 Community Grand Marshal w/ Dolores Caruthers as a couple
Doretha Flournoy-Williams 2005 Community Grand Marshal
Stuart Gaffney 2007 Community Grand Marshal w/ John Lewis as a couple
Marina Gatto 2003 Community Grand Marshal
Calvin  Gipson 2004 Community Grand Marshal
Marga Gomez 2003 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Robert Haaland 2007 Community Grand Marshal &
2004 Honorary Grand Marshal
Heklina   2004 Community Grand Marshal
Page Hodel 2007 Community Grand Marshal
James Hormel 2005 Community Grand Marshal
Happy Hyder 2004 Community Grand Marshal
Inter-Club Fund 2005 Organizational Grand Marshal
Honey Labrador 2006 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Cyndi Lauper 2008 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Reichen Lehmkuhl 2006 Celebrity Grand Marshal
John Lewis 2007 Community Grand Marshal w/ Stuart Gaffney as a couple
Evan Low 2008 Community Grand Marshal
Alec Mapa 2005 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Vicki Marelene 2003 Community Grand Marshal
Armistead Maupin 2003 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Dr. Kathleen McGuire  2006 Community Grand Marshal
Molly McKay 2009 Community Grand Marshal w/ Davina Kotulski as a couple
2005 Community Grand Marshal
The Producers of "Milk" 2008 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Stuart Milk 2008 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Peggy Moore 2005 Community Grand Marshal
Juanita  More 2005 Community Grand Marshal
National Center for Lesbian Rights 2005 Organizational Grand Marshal
Gavin Newsom 2004 Community Grand Marshal
Gay Asian Pacific Alliance 2008 Organizational Grand Marshal
John Newsome 2007 Community Grand Marshal
Pat Norman Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal 2007
Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) 2005 Organizational Grand Marshal
Rev. Troy Perry 2004 Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal
Terry Person-Harris 2003 Community Grand Marshal
Dr. Carol Queen 2001 Community Grand Marshal
Rainbow World Fund  2007 Organizational Community Grand Marshal
Kate  Raphael 2004 Community Grand Marshal
Drago Renteria 2005 Community Grand Marshal
Sal Rosselli 2006 Community Grand Marshal
Donna Sachet 2005 Community Grand Marshal
Jose Sarria 2005 Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshall
SF TEAM 2005 Organizational Grand Marshal
Theresa Sparks 2008 Lifetime Achievement Grand Marshal
Mabel Teng 2004 Community Grand Marshal
Esera Tuaolo 2005 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Julius Turman 2008 Community Grand Marshal
Bruce Vilanch 2004 Celebrity Grand Marshal
Hank Wilson 2003 Community Grand Marshal
Lancy Woo 2006 Community Grand Marshal - shared honor with Cristy Chung