Marsha Levine

"My main interest in serving on the Board is to bring my knowledge to the table, as well as creative ideas.  Not only am intimately familiar with the organization and its many facets, including the overall production of the event, but based on my previous BOD experience and my continued interest in a vested member; I would serve as an informed, interpretive reference for the Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Policies & Procedures.  This would help the organization continue to work on transparency and accountability per the Controller’s Report.  I’ve served before and found it to be rewarding, and would look forward to repeating that experience.  My contributions are too numerous to list in the limits given, but as someone who has written bylaws and other governing documents, as well as served as administrator for such, I’m a global thinker, and by nature I am a problem-solver.  All of this also means I have the ability to help the BOD move efficiently and without delay on important action items.  Previously, for SF Pride I have: retired debts, blossomed participation, helped keep the organization in the black during my leadership years (1990, 1993, 1994, 1995) – with a sizeable cushion in savings or CD accounts, built bridges within the community, increased sponsor participation, established good working relationships with City Hall and other City services, and represented SF Pride without reproach."

Non-Profit Board Membership Experience:

Some of the nonprofit boards I have served on include the SF Pride board as a member for several years, President for one year, and Vice President of Production for two years, one year ex-officio as overall Co-Chair (the pre-Executive Director position).  Served on the board for the Consolidated Association of Prides (CAPI) for few years, one year as President; InterPride for several years in various roles, including female Co-Chair; Frameline for two years; and Boston Pride, including three years as President. My focus was often community relations, PR, event logistics and organization, as well as sponsors and fundraising.

Other LGBT Movement or Organizational Experience:

Founder – InterPride, a 31-year-old consistent existence networking and mentoring organization.  Co-Founder – California Association of Prides, Inc. (now known as Consolidated Association of Prides/CAPI). Member of HRC’s Boston and San Francisco Steering Committees.  Member of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus.  Delegate to the National Organization of Lesbians and Gays in 1981.  Representative to the 2nd National March on Washington for the Lesbian and Gay Rights. Organizer for the first Pink Saturday in the Castro.  Safety Police Liaison for a few Halloweens in the Castro.

Professional/Work Experience:

I have been at times and/or continue to be SF Pride Parade Manager, Design Technologist (print production specialist and designer), Building Manager for a loft community, and Emergency Services Representative.  All of these positions are somewhat flexible and involve global vision, problem-solving ability, timeline/deadline goals, and efficient/timely decision-making.

Education or Training:

While I have several years of college education, most of my important learning has been from hands-on experience out in the community, some self-taught, and some from the school of life.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had mentors like Eric Rofes, Urvashi Vaid, Ginny Apuzzo, Ken Jones, Pat Norman, Mark Leno, Cleve Jones, and many, many others.