Kirk Linn-Degrassi

"It is an Honor for me to be nominated by my friend, Jokie Wilson, whom I met at the Faerie Freedom Village on my first pride days after moving here to San Francisco. I grew up in Fresno, California and seeing the small pride parade and festival that they have (the parking lot pride festival) I knew that this would Be MY PRIDE and that this would soon be MY CITY. Nine years later to have this honor really is amazing for a military brat born in Lakenheath, England and raised in Fresno. I currently am the Co-Owner of In Cahoots with Canines and Felines and have an AS Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences.
As a SF PRIDE Board Member it is my hope that I can spend My time Re-fostering the idea of MY Pride in the heart of Every LGBT San Francisco resident from 12-102 years of age. Part of that would be a reconnection historically back to San Francisco residents by going to as many of the nonprofits that graciously gave of their time to make Sf Pride what it is and then a small Ad campaign that has 52 everyday individuals filling in the sentence "I am ____ and I am SFPRIDE!" simple yet profound can make the most difference in how Pride is Perceived. I would like to see The SATURDAY MainStage be LOCAL artists Local Bands and Local DJs and would love to see us crown a SFPRIDE Local Music artist of the year that automatically Gets a slot in the Parade that would highlight them for a audience they may not normally get."