Kevin Bard

"I should serve on the SF Pride Board of Directors because it is time to give back to an event that has brought me so much joy. I have walked in the Pride parade every year for the past seven years and am very familiar with the overall celebration. However, the board seems to lack transparency and community spirit as of late. If elected, I will bring order to the court by cleaning up the bylaws, enacting a rock-solid grand marshal selection process, and by treating our members with dignity and respect. The LGBT movement must demand no less than what I have to offer."

Non-Profit Board Membership Experience:

I have served on the board of The San Francisco Young Democrats since 2009 and currently chair its Rules Committee. I have also served on the board of the San Francisco New Leaders Council as its Mentorship Chair, as well as the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club Board as its parliamentarian.

Other LGBT Movement or Organizational Experience:

In 2012, I was the only LGBT non-incumbent to run for the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee in Assembly District 19, the Westside.  Hopefully, my race will lay the foundation for many more LGBT candidates from AD 19 in the future.

Professional/Work Experience:

In 2008, I worked as the volunteer coordinator for the California Democratic Party's San Francisco headquarter, where hundreds of folks from all walks of life did our best to try to defeat the now dead Proposition 8. In 2009, I served as a document librarian for the state's court system and now work for the St. Vincent De Paul Society.

Education or Training:

I have both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in political science, with an emphasis on San Francisco politics.