Jose Cital

"I’ve been working on Castro since I’ve lived in San Francisco and I’ve gradually discovered the multitude of thriving communities inhabiting this city. From the very beginning I had my ear to the floor straining with blind faith to hear San Francisco’s heartbeat. Now that I’ve finally heard its colorful sound I’m filled with a sense of duty to share it with the global community. As a transparent vessel to the community, I have the vision to make San Francisco Pride a model for respecting the dignity of every human being. No one should feel left out, ignored or disrespected at any Pride event, and I will work tirelessly to make Pride the most welcoming event in this city."

Non-Profit Board Membership Experience:

I am 21 years old and I have no prior experience on a Non-profit Board, however I do know my way around a P&L report and I have been reviewing Pride’s latest financial statement. I’m excited to brainstorm with everyone to improve our gross income and reach this coming year.

Other LGBT Movement or Organizational Experience:

In my beginning months in San Francisco, I frequented the LGBT center hungry for community more so than a free meal, and began to unofficially volunteer there for a brief couple of weeks. I’ve also tapped into the Radical Faerie community here and have done some activism work with them.

Professional/Work Experience:

I’ve been working retail in the Castro for the three years that I’ve lived here. Every day I strive to make the sales goals corporate expects of us, but my more important duty is to help serve the neighborhood. I keep in constant contact with the surrounding neighbors and merchants and it is to them that I pledge my loyalty to listen.

Education or Training:

I’m currently enrolled as a film student at CCSF. The enormous amount of strategizing, networking, and preplanning that goes with student activism and filmmaking are beneficial skills that I can contribute to the board.