Jesse Oliver Sanford

"Pride’s mission is not only to commemorate, celebrate, and educate, but to liberate. It is a San Francisco treasure; serving on its board would be a sacred trust. I would rather Pride be sustainable and inclusive than wade into controversies. Yet, if we want our celebration to reflect our values, we need to pay our own bills. We should explore alternatives to corporate sponsorship: lowering city charges, levying a hotel fee, engaging the tech sector, and building our membership. My highest priority will be to reach out and connect our neighbors to the movement that made their lives possible. ."

Non-Profit Board Membership Experience:

Board member of Nomenus, the faerie religious 501(c)3, since 2008, including two years as treasurer. I raised $25000 in new contributions during my first year alone. Recently, I brokered an historic deal that opened membership to all genders and brought on two sponsored projects that together triple the organization's revenue.

Other LGBT Movement or Organizational Experience:

I have been advocating ethical practices for SF and NYC Pride since the 1990s. I have written, performed and lectured across the country about how too much reliance on corporate sponsorship makes these organizations less accountable to their diverse constituencies and to core LGBT movement values: compassion, fairness and respect.

Professional/Work Experience:

I am a software developer; my web and mobile app consultancy’s clients include a Fortune 500 company and funded startups. I have been IT Manager of the National Organization of Women Legal Defense Fund and assistant to the development director of GLSEN.

Education or Training:

I hold a PhD in cultural anthropology from Berkeley, a BA from Columbia, and I have been practicing mindfulness meditation since I was 14.