Javarre Cordero Wilson

"I have and will continue to passionately advocate for and identify ways to embrace and include the underserved and underrepresented populations in the San Francisco Bay Area’s gay community. Key talents I can bring to this board includes: a strong understanding of the HIV/AIDS community, the incarcerated community, the ability to maintain a highly coordinated working environment, and an understanding of the issues impacting the Black LGBTQ community around race, class, privilege, and isolation in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to continue to serve on this Board. "

Non-Profit Board Membership Experience:

Current Board Member, San Francisco Pride.

Other LGBT Movement or Organizational Experience:

Member, Bayard Rustin Coalition

Subcommittee on Self-Sufficiency of Currently & Formerly Incarcerated People, Reentry Council

Professional/Work Experience:

Currently Director of Programs, Black Coalition on AIDS.

Education or Training:

Bachelor of Arts in Black Studies, San Francisco State University

Masters Degree in Public Health, San Francisco State University