June 23, 2009

San Francisco Pride’s Response to the ‘PRIDE 09’ Magazine

San Francisco, CA – Flipping through the pages of the ‘Pride 09’ magazine which recently hit the streets, locals might wonder why nothing about  San Francisco Pride is in the edition – no features, no listings, no photos, no event information, no maps, no Grand Marshals, no stage line-ups, no accessibility information...  This curious omission is no accident.  The San Francisco Pride Celebration Committee was not asked to nor was involved in the production of the glossy magazine that was dropped on street corners throughout San Francisco.  We are deeply concerned that community members will be left with the false impression that this magazine was officially sanctioned by San Francisco Pride, which it was not.

Adding insult to injury, the publication contains  a shocking lack of diversity – the very thing for which Pride is so known. We are very concerned that a publication calling itself ‘Pride 09’ has no relationship to our local Pride Parade and Celebration and has no diversity. Our diversity is the reason that we gather as a community each year to celebrate at Pride. 

How, then, is it possible for this publication to have asserted its claim to our community’s long-standing ritual?  Pride in whom?  When our local community is as absent as diverse images of the people who make it up, we must ask ourselves if this publication has any relevance to the civil rights roots that gave birth to the Pride movement in the first place.

The ‘Pride 09’ magazine is not a reflection of our community’s Pride event or of the Bay Area’s LGBT community.

We wish everyone a wonderful Pride weekend and look forward to welcoming people from all over the world to this important celebration of our diversity.


Lindsey Jones, Executive Director
Board President, Mikayla Connell

Board Members:
Nikki Calma
 Joshua Hardwick
Kelly Hart
Belinda Ryan
Joshua M. Smith
Todd Torr
Lisa Williams
The San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee


About San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee (SFLGBTPCC):
The San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee (SFPride.org) is a non-profit membership organization founded to produce the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration & Parade. With its office located at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center, SFLGBTPCC is dedicated to education, commemoration of LGBT heritage and celebration of LGBT culture and liberation. A world leader in the Pride movement, SFLGBTPCC is also a grant-giving organization through its Community Partners Program. Since 1997, SFLGBTPCC has granted over $1.4 million dollars from proceeds of the Pride Celebration and Parade to local non-profit LGBT organizations and those organizations serving the HIV/AIDS and breast cancer communities.

About the 2009 San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration & Parade:
This year marks the 39th anniversary of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade. This year's theme is "In Order to Form a More Perfect Union…," and the event will be held over the weekend of June 27 and 28, 2009. With over 200 parade contingents, 300 exhibitors, and more than twenty community-run stages and venues, San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade is the largest LGBT gathering in the nation. The two-day celebration is free and open to all. For more information please visit our website at SFPride.org.


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