Up & Cumming
Alan Cumming Accepts Invitation To Be Celebrity Grand Marshal

Alan Cumming will head this year’s San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade as Celebrity Grand Marshal and said:

"I am delighted to be Grand Marshal at San Francisco LGBT Pride. I have always been proud of who I am, and I look forward to celebrating with other like-minded people, especially in this year when so many people in America seem to be realizing that we have every right to be proud, and to have the same entitlements as anyone else. Sexuality should never affect a citizen's rights, and any government that withholds benefits, privileges or rights for this reason should be ashamed and run out of office. I hope this year we will have more to celebrate than ever before, including the resounding failure of the constitutional amendment which seems to mea blatant attempt at persecution!”

The 39-year-old actor was born in Scotland and won a Tony for his role as the Emcee in the 1998 Broadway performance of Cabaret. His recent film roles such as Nightcrawler in X2: X-Men United and Fegan Floop in Spy Kids have firmly established him as an international star.

SF Pride President, Joey Cain, said:

“Alan is internationally recognized as a consummate actor and he has gotten to where he is by being open about his sexuality, not hiding it to advance his career. I think he provides a lesson and role model for queers every where. Besides, anyone whose career arc encompasses both Julie Taymor’s great dramatic film “Titus” as well as the modern camp classic “Josie and The Pussycats” is ready for the San Francisco Pride Celebration.”

Alan was honored with the 2003 Hatter's Ball Award by the Creative Arts program of the Convent of the Sacred Heart in New York City, and also by Bailey House, which gave him one of its Key Awards for his support of the organization's work in battling HIV/AIDS and those homeless people living with it.

SF Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington, added:

“Alan Cumming is one of these great actors who shows dexterity in his art and compassion in his philanthropy.”

This year is the 34th anniversary of the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade. The event will be held over the June 26/27weekend.

For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at: (415) 864 0831