“In The Name Of Pride”
Pride Committee Polls Community For 2004 Theme.
Proposals Sought For Event Content.

Preparations for San Francisco LGBT Pride are already under way with the Pride Committee asking the community for theme suggestions for the 2004 event.

Pride President, Joey Cain, said:

“LGBT communities are going through a pivotal time in our civil rights history. We have much to celebrate and much to continue to fight for. The Pride Celebration is a vehicle for us to articulate our history, hopes and dreams. With this in mind we welcome theme suggestions and encourage everyone to let us have their input.”

Members of the public can go to the committee’s website at: www.sfpride.org/yourvoice/themevote.htm and make their suggestions on-line. All suggestions will then be taken to the annual general meeting of the Pride Committee on 09.14.03 at the Hotel Adagio and voted upon. The deadline for registering a theme suggestion is 09.10.03. Recent themes have included “You’ve Gotta Give Them Hope” (2003), “Be Yourself, Change the World” (2002), “Queerific” (2001) and “It’s About Freedom” (2000).

The Pride Committee is also requesting proposals for event content such as stages and venues at the Celebration. Anyone wishing to contribute to the program at the Celebration is invited to submit a proposal by going to www.sfpride.org/yourvoice/stage.htm and submitting a proposal. The deadline for completed proposals is November 1, 2003.

Commenting, Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington said:

“It is through this open process that the Writers’ Village, Shadowplay Stage, Latin Stage, Nectar (Women’s Stage), Soul of Pride Stage and Tantra Dance Stages came about. If you want to add something to the event then this is your opportunity to have your say and make it happen.”

Next year is the 34th anniversary of the San Francisco Pride Celebration and the Parade. The event is to be held over the June 26/27 weekend.