25 on the 25th
Rainbow Flag Day @ United Nations Plaza

Who: Gilbert Baker, creator of the Rainbow Flag, Rainbow 25 and the SF Pride Committee.

What: Twenty-five years ago to the day, the Rainbow Flag, which has since become the symbol of the LGBT community worldwide, first saw the light of day when it was hoisted at 6.15am at United Nations Plaza on the morning of the Gay Freedom Day Parade, June 25th, 1978. Twenty-five years later, the Flag's creator and the Pride Committee assemble once more to celebrate the Flag's twenty-fifth anniversary and raise the flag proudly once more at United Nations Plaza.

There will be a short program, and the raising of the restored Original Colors Rainbow Flag (eight colors).

Why: Your chance to interview the flag's creator, Gilbert Baker, and obtain photography/footage of this historic event.

When: Wednesday June 25th, 6.15am.

Where: United Nations Plaza, Flagpole outside the old Federal Building by the fountain, Market Street, North side, between 7th and 8th Streets. San Francisco, CA 94102.