Pride of Pride
Annual Pride Awardees Announced

The Pride Committee is thrilled to announce the recipients of this year's Pride Awards: Daniel Nicoletta, Camille Maran, Rink Foto and Mama Bears Women's Bookstore.

"One of the great pleasures of serving on the Pride Board is our opportunity to recognize some of the unsung heroes in our community. This year's honorees represent some of the best aspects of the political, social and cultural dimensions of our community."

Said Pride President, Joey Cain.

The recipient of the 2003 Heritage Award, Rink Foto, has been photographing the LGBT community since 1969 and has contributed to countless books, films and videos. Rink was a friend of Harvey Milk and a display of Rink's 1974 Pride Parade photographs in Harvey's camera store window was the first public LGBT images shown on Castro Street.

The recipient of the 2003 Freedom Award, Camille Maran, was a member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission Transgender Task Force. She has volunteered for ten years for the San Francisco LGBT Community Center project where she worked to make the Psychiatric Survivors Memorial Skylight a reality.

The recipient of the 2003 Creativity Award, Daniel Nicoletta, is a San Francisco photographer who began his career working in Harvey Milk's camera store in the heart of the Castro. His work can be found in the films; The Times Of Harvey Milk, Sex Is, and the books; Mayor Of Castro Street, Gay By The Bay, and The American Century.

The recipient of the 2003 Community Award, Mama Bears Women's Bookstore in Oakland, has been a resource serving the women's community for many years and is sadly closing its doors in the near future. It is fitting that the important contribution, which Mama Bears has made to the evolution of the queer communities of the Bay Area, be recognized in this way.

The awards will be presented to the recipients on the day of the Parade at City Hall. For more information regarding the recipients of this year's awards and previous years' honorees please visit our website at:

This year is the 33rd anniversary of the San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration. The event theme is "You've Gotta Give Them Hope." The quote comes from Harvey Milk, the City's first openly gay elected official who was gunned down in City Hall 25 years ago, and is the answer he gave when frequently asked why he was an activist. The event is to be held over the June 28/29 weekend. For more information about the history of San Francisco Pride, please visit our website at: