Close The Gaps?
New Board President Pledges More Fabulous Parade

The Pride Committee elected Radical Fairy, Joey Cain, as it’s new Board president this week. Joey immediately set the tone for the 2003 event with a pledge to close the gaps in the Parade and reaffirm the grass-roots nature of the event saying:

"I am honored to be chosen by the the diverse and talented members of the Pride Board as their President. The San Francisco LGBT Community is recognized through out the world for its leadership on issues of diversity, freedom and social justice. The Pride Celebration should be, and is, a reflection of those values. We've changed the World, now let's close those Parade gaps and make it an even more fabulous event."

Joey, a long time San Francisco resident, comes with an impressive list of activist credentials. Currently working at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic in their Substance Abuse Treatment Services program, Joey’s activism spans a 25 plus year involvement with such community groups as the Radical Faeries and Bound Together Anarchist Collective Bookstore. He was a member of the founding circle and past President of Nomeneus Inc., a non-profit organization which established a Retreat Center for Radical Fairies and their friends. He is currently part of the caregiving circle for LGBT Movement pioneer and queer elder Harry Hay and his partner John Burnside. Having lived through and participated in much of the history of the LGBT community in San Francisco, Joey joined the Parade Committee four years ago. Under his guidance the Community Partner Donations program of SF Pride has reached new records.

Joey is also recognized throughout the community for his facilitation and consensus building skills. SF Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington, said:

“What I like about Joey’s style is that, even though he may not see eye-to-eye with everyone, he is constantly looking for ways to find consensus and build community. We have been blessed with an awesome series of Board Presidents in recent years,” he added, alluding to outgoing President Joshua Smith and predecessors Cecilia Chung and Calvin Gipson, “and Joey continues that fine tradition.”

Gipson, Chung and Smith remain on the Pride Board.

Joey is joined on the executive committee by Jennifer Mork (San Francisco Dyke Diva 2001) who was elected as Vice-President and Kirsten Boyd (who serves as legislative assistant to Assembly member Carole Migden) as Treasurer. Joshua Smith remains on the executive committee in the office of Secretary.

Next year is the 33rd anniversary of the San Francisco Pride Celebration and the Parade. The event is to be held over the June 28/29 weekend.


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at: (415) 864 0831

Teddy Witherington
Executive Director, SFLGBT Pride
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San Francisco, CA 94102
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SF Pride 2003 - June 28/29, 2003
InterPride 2002 Conference, San Francisco, October 31 - November 3