Dr. Laura In Pink Pride Protest
Pride Committee Unveils Pink Brick Campaign

San Francisco - The Pride Committee will announce its plans for the "Pink Brick" on June 6 at 5:30 pm in the Elder Space Room at the LGBT Community Center, located at 1800 Market. The event will include Dr. Jerrold Polinski from the Gay & Lesbian Medical Society (GLMA), Will Doherty from Stop Dr. Laura, Loren Javier from Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and Calvin Gipson and Kirsten Boyd from the Pride Committee.

Defrocked TV host Dr. Laura Schlessinger was chosen to receive the Pink Brick by the community during the Grand Marshal balloting process as an anti-grand marshal.  The brick symbolizes the first brick thrown at the Stonewall Riots in New York and embodies a sense of renewed activism in the LGBT community.

The Pink Brick Award campaign begins with signing protest cards and placing them into a large box fashioned as a pink brick.  The Pride Committee asks attendees of this year's Parade and Celebration to stop by the Pink Brick booth and sign a card in protest of Schlessinger’s misguided categorization of the LGBT community as deviant and perverse.  The text of the cards mirrors language found on the Dr. Laura website.  The large pink brick will then be delivered to KSFO radio station at a protest rally on July 15 at 12:00. KSFO continues to broadcast the Dr. Laura Show.

Although the Ask Dr. Laura Show has been removed from television, Laura Schlessinger continues to persecute people in the sexual minority.  "We believe that this award is as fresh as ever," said Board Secretary, Joey Cain.  "To this day, she continues her rhetoric of hatred, and we say that it must stop."

Refreshments will be served following the press conference.

This year is the 32nd anniversary of the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade. The event will be held over the June 29/30 weekend. The theme is “Be Yourself, Change the World.”


For further information please contact Kirsten Boyd at:  (415) 731 3647
or Teddy Witherington at (415) 864 0831