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Community Invited To Name Its Nemesis

In tandem with the selection of the traditional Grand Marshals, the SF Pride Committee invites the community to make nominations for a very untraditional “Anti-Marshal” of this year’s San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade.

 “The idea is to expose the more flagrant examples of hatred and bigotry and empower our communities by having the opportunity to denounce those who would have us all running back into the closet.”

 Said Pride President, Joshua Smith.

 The field of candidates is indeed broad and wide as the community contemplates the contestants for this “honor”; the Revd. Fred Phelps from Wichita Kansas (a regular at Pride events and funerals, such as that of Mathew Shepherd), President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (who has likened homosexuals to “dogs”), the Egyptian Government (who have detained and tried suspected homosexuals for lewd conduct), Jesse Helms (long-time thwarter of AIDS education and funding), Trent Lott and Dr. Laura are sure to figure among the nominees.

 In true San Francisco tradition, nominations are sought from members of the public via the committee’s website.

 Nominations close on February 22. The list of nominees will be reviewed and added to the community ballot used to elect the grand marshals.

It is anticipated that the highest vote getter will help focus attention on a specific case or incidence of injustice.

Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington, said:

 “It’s high time that these people were acknowledged for their work. As the history of our struggle for freedom and equality unfolds, these folks will be remembered for their contribution in trying to turn the clock back.”

San Francisco LGBT Pride takes place over the weekend of June 29/30. The event theme is “Be Yourself, Change The World.


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at : (415) 864 0831