Everyone's A Winner
Diverse Community Shines In Parade Awards

A truly diverse group of forty-nine community groups, businesses and individuals from the Bay Area and beyond share the honors as this year's Parade Award winners.

"We are really happy to see the diversity of the community reflected among the winners. Everyone who took part deserves an award. It's a pity we only have 50 to give out!"

Said Pride Board President, Cecilia Chung.

Up to five awards were given in each of the following categories:

Most Outrageously Queerific Best Queerific Marching Contingent
Absolutely Fabulous Best Queerific Individual
Best Queerific Street Act Best Queerific Musical Contingent
Best Queerific Diversity Best Queerific Musical Float
Best Queerific Overall Contingent Best Queerific Visiting Contingent

The Judges gave out the awards on the Parade route as contingents passed by. Each award consisted of a "Queerific Rosette" which the winners could then display to the ecstatic crowds.

Among the winners are; Vulva University whose float carried the world's largest pussy, Norcal Waste Systems' hilarious drill team, queer rights veteran Harry Hay, Cheer SF whose tumbling and acrobatics wowed the crowd, Gold's Gym whose "Solid Gold" theme dazzled everyone, the Leather Pride contingent which featured men painted as white tigers in cages and Grand Marshal Sandy Reinhardt in a chariot pulled by a bevy of harnessed leather boys, the Al-Fatiha Gay Muslim Group marching for the first time, Transgender group FTM International, Pro Latino swirling the flags of the nations of South and Latin America, Diverscité Montreal, UTOPIA whose entry featured a riot of color and music from Polynesian culture, the perennial Dykes on Bikes and Lord Martine and the WB20 street interview team who bobbed and weaved through the contingents with queerific style throughout the day grabbing interviews for the live television broadcast.

The Judges too are a diverse group and were coordinated by Jaye Whittaker and her partner Kathleen Connell, one of the founders of the Folsom Street Fair. Joining Jaye and Kathleen in the judging enclosure were Veronika Cauley, Paul Gabriel, David Gin, George Gonzales, Jamison Green, Vernon Viehe and Suzie Wong.

"We were very lucky to have such a distinguished judging group this year," said Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington, "hats off to Jaye and Kathleen for assembling such a great team and doing such a great job"

A full list of the Award Winners and Judges (with bios) is attached.


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at (415) 864 0831

Parade Awards & Judges 2001


Most Outrageously Queerific:
Mikes on Bikes
Vulva University
Cortland Ave. Merchants Assn./Wild Side West
C.H.A.M.P. (Californians Helping Alleviate Medial Problems)
Tampon Art

Queerific Marching Contingent:
Alex. Hamilton American Legion
Norcal Waste Systems

Absolutely Queerific:
California AIDS Ride
Gay Straight Alliance Network
KISS 98.1
Russian River Chamber of Commerce
Nobody's Place

Queerific Individual:
Didi Mao
Mustang and Lady Thendara of The Stampede
Harry Hay
Women with Cancer

Queerific Street Act:
Cheer SF
Society of Janus
Healing Waters
Mabuhay Philippines
Lord Martine & WB20

Queerific Musical Contingent:
Gay Men's Chorus
SF Lesbian & Gay Freedom Band
Soka Gakki International
CA Aggie Marching Band
UC Berkeley LGBT Services (Marching Band)

Queerific Musical Float:
SF LGBT Community Center
Gold's Gym
U.T.O.P.I.A. (United Territories of Polynesian Islanders Alliance)
SF Taiko Dojo/Bay Guardian

Queerific Diversity:
FTM International
Leather Pride
Al-Fatiha Foundation
Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center
Walden House

Queerific Overall Contingent:
Dykes on Bikes
Birds of Paradise
Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. Marching Band
Imperial Court of SF

Queerific Visiting Contingent:
Club 1220 Walnut Creek
Miss Gay Marin
Divers/Cite Montreal/Tourisme Montreal
Pro-Latino de San Jose
Sacramento Bears


Veronika Cauley is the first out and open Commissioned Transgender Officer in the History of San Francisco. Veronika hopes to parlay that opportunity into being the first TG Supervisor in the City and County of San Francisco. Veronika has been honored by the City and several organizations for her volunteering and outreach efforts in the TG & HIV/AIDS community. Veronika also opened the County Jails for TG outreach, allowing incarcerated TG's the opportunity to attend classes, and programs for the first time in the jails history. Happily married to artist and children's author Melvin Cauley, for five years, she proudly represents African-American, TG, and all communities!

Kathleen Connell has a long history of activism in the LGBT and other diverse communities. She co-founded the South of Market Alliance and the Folsom Street Fair in the 1980's, and in 1996, founded the EQ Development Group, the first organization in the United States dedicated to LGBT economic empowerment. Professionally, Kathleen is a Senior Scientist/Associate Director of a research institute at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. She is also pursuing a Ph.D. at the Fielding Institute.

Paul Gabriel is the Exhibits Director for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society of Northern California. He also is a teacher of English as a Second Language and an academic coach and tutor for people with learning disabilities. He has served on the Board of Directors of the GLBT Historical Society, as well as of SMMILE.

David Gin is a Chinese-American and native San Franciscan. His great Grandfather first came to SF in the 1800's to work on the railroad that connected the West to the East. David is an Air Force Vietnam Vet and one of the most senior gay police officers on the SF Police Department with 21 years of service. As a small business owner, he has operated Sunrise Printing for the past 12 years, helping many of the small non-profits over that time. He, along with his partner Gary, publishes the San Francisco Spectrum Newsmagazine, which just celebrated its 4th year with the current Pride edition. David is currently on the Board of Directors of All of Families Coalition. He has also been presented the " Award for Exemplary Service" from the Godfather Service Fund and the "1999 Advocate Award" from Positive Resource Center.

George Gonzales
has served on the San Jose Gay Pride Celebration Committee for four years, the last two as President. He is also the publisher of Point Newspaper, the new LGBT Newspaper in the South Bay and Central Coast. George also owns Pin Point Productions which produces Gay and Lesbian Parties in San Jose and Santa Cruz.

Jamison Green is one of the nation's leading transgender activists. San Francisco's transgender protective ordinance (1994) and employee insurance provisions (2001) are emblematic of his work. He has inspired transgendered and transsexual men and women around the world, and he's a writer, educator and advocate for LGBT rights and freedom.

Vernon Viehe grew up in Talladega, Alabama, and lived in the Birmingham area until he moved to San Francisco 3 years ago. As a gay man in the deep south, he learned that people fear the unknown, and coming out as an openly gay man helped others in Alabama learn to accept the LGBT members of their own communities. In San Francisco, he works for a major software
company as a manager in Technical Support.

Jaye Whittaker is the co-founder of the EQ Development Group, the first organization in the United States dedicated to LGBT economic empowerment. She also worked for 10 Percent Magazine in mid-1990s. In addition, Jaye has pursued a variety of non-profit and for-profit activities, and holds an MA in Non-Profit Performing Arts Management and an MBA in E-Business & Finance. Currently, she is a Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis at PeoplePC in San Francisco.
Suzie Wong moved from New York to San Francisco 20 years ago and participated in the Court system for 15 years. In 1988, she was elected as Grand Duchess 16 of San Francisco and supported variety charitable organizations. In 2000, she was elected as Empress 35 of San Francisco and during her reign she supported the following charity groups: Larkin Street Youth Center, Latin AIDS Project, Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center, Positive Resource Center, Tessie's Tenderloin Dinners and The AIDS Emergency Fund. She is currently the Treasurer of The Imperial Council of San Francisco, INC.