Community Windfall
Non-Profits Stand to Share a Record $100,000

Thirty four community groups stand to share a record windfall of $100,000 generated by year’s San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration. The record amount is due in part to the fact that for the first time the hours worked by safety monitors and other volunteers will be included in the Community Partner Program. Pride Board President, Cecilia Chung, said:

“This is a milestone and we are thrilled to be stable enough to financially recognize the hours all our volunteers. Donations are a vital part of our income and without them the event could not happen. I encourage all those attending the event to dig deep and support the event and our community partners.”

The Pride Committee has budgeted an additional $12,000 to extend the program to volunteers based in non-revenue producing areas. If people continue to be generous at the donation gates, the total returned to the community could reach six figures for the first time in the thirty-one year history of the event.

The amount which Pride returns to the community has been steadily increasing in recent years hand in hand with the stability of the organization as this table demonstrates:

Yearof total cash expenses Community Donations %age
1997 $32,170 4.79%
1998 $46,800 6.39%
1999 $56,995 7.70%
2000 $78,181 8.41%

A $3 donation (more if you can, less if you can’t) is being requested from all who attend the Celebration following the Parade. Those who make a donation will receive a sticker which entitles the wearer to $1 off all beverages.

Donations make up an important part of the Committee’s revenue and help to fund the event, as well as benefit local non-profits. Soccer team, the San Francisco Spikes plan to use the funds they raise through staffing a beverage booth this year to participate in the World cup. Spikes Spokesperson, Patrick Johnston, said:

“Without this money we simply would not be able to participate”

Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington, said :

“It is good to see donations and community reinvestment become so significant and it’s good that we can do that in tandem with raising the funds to be true to our mission and put on a high quality, inclusive celebration of Pride.”

The Community Partner Program is part of an ongoing policy of community engagement. In 1999 the Committee abolished Parade Contingent fees for non-profit whose budgets were under $50k ($100k this year). By partnering with the community in this way the Committee is building a stable, community based future for the event.


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at (415) 864 0831