Pride Sponsorship Revenues Up 7%
Sponsorship Steady In ‘Soft’ Economy

Pride committee revenues from sponsorship are holding up despite a general softening in the economy with many companies cutting back on their promotions and sponsorship expenditures.

“We are somewhat fortunate to have a very loyal sponsor base coupled with a good record in developing sound relationships between the community and corporate partners” Said Pride President, Cecilia Chung.

The Principal Sponsors of the event, the San Francisco Chronicle and Bud Light, both increased their commitment this year. The Chronicle specifically gives cash to help compensate the performers at the event and increased their cash contribution this year so that the Pride Committee could extend payment to local entertainers as well as national headliners. Noah’s New York Bagels also increased their sponsorship commitment this year and plan to raise money for local charity, Project Open Hand, at the event.

A large part of Pride’s sponsorship support comes from the media. Pride’s partnerships with publications, radio stations and television result in the event receiving advertising space worth over $1m. The Pride Committee has partnered with Clear Channel Communications, owners of KKSF, WILD 94.9, KMEL 106.1, KABL, KISS, STAR 101.3 and Channel 104.9 radio stations. WB20 will televise the entire parade live on Sunday, June 24, beginning at 10:30 a.m. WB20 will be creating special segments to air in the weeks before the Pride weekend focusing on what it means to be transgender, youth, gay Moslems, partnerships and the float building. Planet Out and are promoting the event extensively on the internet. The San Francisco Bay Times, again, joins San Francisco Pride as a principal media sponsor. San Francisco Magazine, Genre, Hero, Odyssey and Instinct, will also be providing extensive promotion and in-kind participation. For the first year, Venus Magazine and Arise Magazine, both of which serve the African-American LGBT community, join the list of media sponsors and are helping to promote the Soul of Pride, the new African-American stage at the event.

The Soul of Pride is also being sponsored by the Black Brothers Esteem Program of the AIDS Foundation who provided cash to underwrite the costs of the stage. The costs of the Latin Stage are being met by a variety of sponsors, most notably Wherehouse Music. The Asian & Pacific Islander Stage is made possible with the assistance of Showtime Networks. The Dance Arena is being sponsored by Fag Fridays and Braindrops. Borders Books, as well as providing cash, also plan to promote the event extensively through their stores throughout Northern California.

Travel is another area where the Pride Committee receives sponsorship support. United Airlines have returned as the official airline of the event and is providing air travel for performers such as the B-52’s, Ultra Nate, The Butchies, Shann Carr and Magdalen Hsu-Li to appear. Rooms for the performers are donated by the Galleria Park Hotel, it’s sister properties and the Argent Hotel. National Car Rental, which operates locally through a gay-owned dealership, provides cars for the Grand Marshals. Planet Hollywood are providing their restaurant for parties and events as well as providing gifts for the volunteers. The costs of the event are also underwritten, in part, by a grant from Grants For The Arts/Hotel Tax Fund.

San Francisco Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington, said: “The list of sponsors is as diverse as the event itself. By working with both mainstream and community partners we inform our traditional audience and educate society at large.”


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at : (415) 864 0831