The People's Choice
Record Vote For Diversity by Community in Grand Marshal Poll

A record number of people have voted for diversity in the San Francisco Pride Parade Grand Marshal election. The number of people voting rose from 1,455 in 2000 to 2,486 this year. Pride President, Cecilia Chung said:

"I am thrilled to see the increase in community participation in the process and I'm glad to see the diversity represented. We have set a new bench mark and look forward to setting even higher standards in the years ahead."

The Pride Committee met on 04.19.01 to receive the results and ratify the selection made by the community. In the individual category, the top five; Assemblymember Carole Migden, Duane Cramer, Supervisor Mark Leno, Dr. Carol Queen and "Mama" Sandy Reinhardt were ratified as grand marshals. All five polled more than 300 votes. Explaining the rationale behind selecting five marshals, Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington, said :

"When the Board studied the results it was clear that the community had voted for diversity and the top five, between them, received over 50% of the total votes. Respecting that diversity and wishing to ensure that the majority of the votes cast were counted, the Board were happy to confirm the choice of the people"

The opportunities to vote were greatly expanded this year with over fifteen polling sites. In addition, there was voting by mail via ballots printed in the LGBT media. The remaining nominees in the individual category were all confirmed as honorary marshals of the Parade.

In the celebrity category the top five; Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Hilary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton and Nell Carter, all polled over 300 votes each and were ratified as grand marshals, subject to their confirmation that they will attend the event. Commenting diplomatically, Chung said:

"We hope that they all attend, but realistically, we realize that some of those who head the poll in this category may have conflicting engagements."

Unlike the individual category, where a wider choice is sometimes inevitable to reflect the diversity the people wish to see, the tradition in the organization category is to ratify a single organization. This is the case this year and the Board ratified the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Inc., as Organization Grand Marshal. The Sisters were second in the poll in 1999 and third last year. Sister Kitty Catalyst (Mistress of Archives) said:

"We think it's a queerific honor to be named the organizational grand marshals of the Parade. As an extra bonus, anyone who touches the hem of our habits on the Parade route will have all their stigmatic guilt turned into mere fluff before the eyes of the goddess."

The full results of the poll appear below.

The San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration takes place this year on June 23/24. Last year the event attracted an audience of over 750,000 people. The event theme is Queerific.


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at (415) 864 0831

2001 Grand Marshal Election Results

Individual Category
Ranking Nominees Total
01  Carole Migden 697
02 Duane Cramer 383
02 Mark Leno 383
04 Dr. Carol Queen 375
05 Mama Sandy Reinhardt 322
06 Cleve Jones 224
07 Patrick Califia-Rice 217
08 Linda Evans 211
09 Felicia Elizondo 192
10 Veronika Cauley 170
11 Diane Felix (Chili D) 118
12 Faisal Alam 113
13 Christian de la Huerta 112
14 Theresa Sparks 84
15 Dana Rivers 53
16 Russell Davies 43

Total Votes

3, 697

Celebrity Category

Ranking Nominees Total
01 Sharon Stone 546
02 Elizabeth Taylor 529
03 Hilary Rodham Clinton 489
04 Bill Clinton 426
05 Nell Carter 381
06 Amy Tan 239
07 The Kinsey Sicks 202
08 Jesse Jackson 201
09 Danny  (MTV Real World) 151
10 Liz Smith 144
11 Richard Hatch 120
12 Jan Wahl 101
13 Hong Suk Chon 75
14 John Dye 58


3, 662

Organization Category

Ranking Nominees Total
01 Sisters of Perpetul Indulgence 492
02 Project Open Hand 447
03 LYRIC 366
04 Breast Cancer Action 361
05 Harvey Milk Institute 319
06 Black Brothers Esteem Prog. of SFAF 300
07 Larkin Street Youth 252
08 Positive Resource Center 248
08 GLBT Historical Society North. Cal 248
10 Afro-Solo 240
11 Lyon-Martin Health Services 207
12 Cheer San Francisco 179
13 Tessie's Tenderloin Holiday Dinners 129
14 Luna Sea 128
15 Raising Colors 58

Total Votes

3, 974