Community-Wide Election For Grand Marshal
Transgender Activists & Local Heroes Head Local List Clinton, Taylor and Hatch Nominated In New “Celebrity” Category

The San Francisco Pride Committee has unveiled the list of nominees for Grand Marshal of this year’s Gay Pride Parade, the theme for which is “Queerific”. Diversity is a hallmark of the list which includes, for the first time, a large number of transgender activists.

“The diversity of nominees is truly reflecting the direction and efforts of San Francisco Pride to become more inclusive. The community has so far done a great job to have nominees of different gender, sexuality and ethnicity. No matter who is elected to be Grand Marshal, everyone comes out a winner!”

Said Pride President, Cecilia Chung.

The nominees come from many walks of life. Politicians, Mark Leno and Carole Migden, join Faisal Alam (founder of the first gay Islamic group) and Christian de la Huerta (founder of Qspirit) on the list. Queer as Folk creator, Russell Davies, joins community activists Diane Felix, Duane Cramer, Cleve Jones (creator of the AIDS quilt) and ‘Mama’ Sandy Reinhardt, (one of most recognizable figures in San Francisco’s leather community). This year’s list features transgender community leaders Veronika Cauley, Pat Califia, Felicia Elizondo, Dana Rivers and newly appointed Human Rights Commissioner, Theresa Sparks. Roles models Linda Evans and Dr. Carol Queen round off the list.

Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor and winner of CBS television series ‘Survivor’, Richard Hatch, are to be found on the list of celebrity nominees. Joining her husband on the list is Hilary Rodham Clinton. The two were not nominated as a couple.

Pride Executive Director, Teddy Witherington, said :

"Everyone who has been nominated has supported our community in some way. Whether it be through serving as a role model, showing courage in the face of homophobia, helping non-profits or being an ally, these folks have demonstrated their worthiness. Now it’s up to the community to decide”

In true San Francisco tradition, the community will vote in the coming weeks for the nominees they think most worthy of the honor. Voting booths staffed by volunteers are set up in the Castro and other neighborhoods. Ballot papers are also published in the media. The community-wide election is a virtually unique way of selecting Grand Marshals. At most other events, Marshals are appointed.

“We do things a little differently in San Francisco,” Chung continued, “regardless of who is elected, the remaining nominees are confirmed as honorary marshals. So, you see, everyone is respected.”

Public balloting will occur over the weekends of March 24/25 and March 31/April 1. A full list of nominees is attached. People vote in three categories, individual (local community heroes), celebrity and, organization. For more information regarding the voting process go to after 12.00 p.m. on 03.14.01.

The San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration takes place this year on June 23/24.


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at (415) 864 0831


2001 Grand Marshal Nomination List

Category #1: Individual
Faisal Alam
Pat Califia
Veronika Cauley
Duane Cramer
Chili D (Diane Felix)
Russell Davies
Felicia Elizondo
Linda Evans
Christian de la Huerta
Cleve Jones
Mark Leno
Carole Migden
Dr. Carol Queen
Mama Sandy Reinhardt
Dana Rivers
Theresa Sparks

Category #2: Celebrities
Nell Carter
Hong Suk Chon
Bill Clinton
Hilary Rodham Clinton
Danny (from MTV’s Real World)
John Dye
Richard Hatch
Jesse Jackson
The Kinsey Sicks
Liz Smith
Sharon Stone
Amy Tan
Elizabeth Taylor
Jan Wahl

Category #3: Organizations
Black Brothers Esteem Program of SFAF
Breast Cancer Action
Cheer San Francisco
GLBT Historical Society of Northern California
Harvey Milk Institute
Larkin Street Youth
Luna Sea
Lyon-Martin Health Services
Positive Resource Center
Project Open Hand
Raising Colors
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Tessie’s Tenderloin Holiday Dinners