SF Pride to feature Stand Against Hate Rally and Historic Moment of Silence

On June 27 this year, in an historic first, over 600,000 people will join together in a Moment of Silence on the Parade Route at noon. The Moment of Silence is being organized by the Pride Committee in partnership with CUAV (Community United Against Violence) and the purpose is to remember with respect those who cannot be with us at Pride and empower those that are.

The Moment of Silence honors those who have been lost to Breast Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hate Crime and Domestic Violence. It is also a rallying call to stand in solidarity with all who seek liberation and an end to oppression.

Pride President Calvin Gipson said :

"At this time of celebration and activism, its important that we stop, reflect and remember our lost friends, family members and martyrs of our community. We can never forget that death has affected, changed and shaped our community as much as life itself. What a special moment this will be."

At the Parade, CUAV volunteers will distribute close to 100,000 flyers to the audience and the Parade Contingents on the route will carry signs requesting "Silence". At noon the SFFD, who will have positioned fire engines in the side streets along the route, will blast their sirens as the signal that the Moment of Silence is to begin. On that cue the contingents will raise their signs and Parade will halt. Contingents will strike a stationary pose and we will all remember.

The signs are being made at a sign making party to be held at the Pride Float Building Workshop at Pier 26 at 11am on Saturday June 19. Helpers and volunteers are welcome to attend and join in the fun. All materials are provided.

At noon on Saturday, the Celebration will begin with the Stand Against Hate Rally. The Rally is being organized by the Pride Committee and will be produced by community activist Seth Watkins and former Pride President Deborah Oakley-Melvin. Featuring local speakers such as James Green and Lawrence Wong, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and performers Randi Driscoll, and local duo Mark and Dean, the Stand Against Hate will be both poignant and entertaining. The event will run from noon until 1.30pm from the Main Stage on the steps of City Hall. To join the event on Saturday, the Pride Committee is currently seeking sponsorship to fly in Walt Boulden, John Qu and Alex Trout, friends of Matthew Shephard.

Calvin Gipson added :

"It is time for us to raise our voices and be counted as believing that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people should be safe from targeted violence, be free to love and protected through the constitution as proud citizens."


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at : (415) 864 3733