Bud Light, Bay Guardian and Anti Smoking Project Swing Behind Pride

San Francisco Pride will cost around $750,000 to be produced and around a third of that total will be donated by Pride's sponsors in a show of support for our community.

Back as a principal sponsor is Bud Light, whose new print advertisement depicting two men holding hands has provoked strong reactions from right wing fanatics. Bud Light who are sponsoring the Parade for the third year running also sponsor the live television broadcast on WB20 which brings the event into the homes of all Bay Area residents. Joining Bud Light for the first year as a Principal Media Partner is The San Francisco Bay Guardian, long known for its support of grass roots causes and its independent editorial policy. Tim Redmond, Executive Editor of the Bay Guardian said :

"The Bay Guardian grew up with the pride movement, and has always been a participant in the parade; we're honored to participate this year as a sponsor."

Another sponsor joining the fold this year is the California Lavender Smoke Free Project, underlining SF Pride's policy of not accepting tobacco revenues. The sponsorship will include a Parade entry and an educational booth at the Festival site as well as an appearance on the Main Stage by singer/songwriter Leslie Nuchow, famous for he Virginia Slams tour which she undertook after refusing sponsorship from Virginia Slims cigarettes.

Principal Media Sponsors, WB20 and Bay Times are back once more and media partners XY Magazine, Q San Francisco and QV Magazine join them in promoting the event. SF Pride needs to be promoted extensively and the in-kind support which the organization receives from its media partners saves Pride hundreds of thousands of dollars. Among the print sponsors is Cream Puff Magazine, publishers of this year's official Pride Guide. In addition to print sponsors, there is an array of radio stations promoting the event this year. KMEL 106.1 has supported the event for many years and leads the on-air promotion campaign again this year. Joining them are Channel 104.9, Wild 94.9 and Y93.3 who will be promoting the Country Music Venue at the Festival.

New media is a target too with sponsorship from local internet companies, Query.com and Planet Out. Query.com host and design the Pride website and will, with the assistance of WB20, cybercast the Parade live. Planet Out will be sponsoring a Powerful Future Pavilion at this year's event which will be a focus for voter registration spearheaded by All Our Families Coalition.

Nordstrom are also sponsoring Pride again this year by providing the funds for another section to be added to the Pink Triangle which is installed on Twin Peaks the weekend of the Parade. Last year Nordstrom provided funds for the Rainbow Flags on Market Street.

Local LGBT clubs, promoters and businesses are also involved such as Pleasuredome, Club Papi, Fag Fridays and Damron. Pleasuredome will be co-hosting the House Music dance venue at the Festival with KMEL 106.1 and Club Papi will co-host the Latin Stage with WILD 94.9. Damron will be staffing a visitor information booth at the Festival.

Commenting, Pride Executive Director Teddy Witherington said :

"We are very happy with the wide diversity of partners and sponsors supporting the event and our community. Everything from national corporations who have demonstrated their commitment with bold new advertising, through to local club promoters and vendors. The more sponsorship, the more fabulous the event and the greater the amount we are able to invest in our community and share with our community partners."


For further information please contact Teddy Witherington at (415) 864 3733