June 23 and 24, 2012

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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride


Our Time Has Come

June 24, 1979

Gay Freedom Day Magazine Cover 1979
Name of Event:   Gay Freedom Day
Celebration Site: Civic Center Plaza
Parade Route: On Market St. from Spear St. to Grove St. and UN Plaza
Temp: 57°
Crowd Estimate: 200,000
Board President: Sabrina Sojourner, Robert Smith
Mayoral Proclamation: Feinstien
Chronicle Cover: "Day For Gay Power"
Examiner Cover: "Gay Celebration Fear of Violence, Cold"
1st to Appear: Rainbow Banners lining Market Street
Major Events:
  • 10th anniversary of Stonewall.
  • Harvey Milk & Geroge Moscone murdered.
  • Dan White's "Twinkie Defense."
  • White Night Riots (May 27, 1979): anger in the LGBT community over Dan White's lenient sentencing leads to a march to City Hall and a series of violent events.
  • Jerry Falwell and Paul Weyrich found the Moral Majority (June 1979).
City Grants: $6,700
Economic Impact: Unknown
Grand Marshals:  

1979 Gay Freedom Day Celebration Site

1979 Gay Freedom Day Celebration Map

1979 Parade Route

1979 Gay Freedom Day Parade Route