Statement by the San Francisco Pride Celebration Committee on Last Evening’s Shooting Involving Two Vendors

Embrace, Encourage, Empower. Photo Credit: David Wang

Embrace, Encourage, Empower. Photo Credit: David Wang

Sunday night, the San Francisco Pride Celebration Committee (“SFPCC”) learned that following our 43rd Annual Pride Celebration, two of our vendors were in the process of closing their booth and finishing up sales, when they were injured by nearby gunfire. Out of respect for their privacy and care, we decline to release any name or specific identifying information.

Our primary and greatest concern remains for the health and recovery of our two vendors. Though both were injured and we take such conditions very seriously, we are thankful that neither sustained life threatening injuries. Both of our vendors were transported to SF General, where it was determined that one of them required more serious treatment and he underwent surgery this morning. He remains in the hospital and is recovering from his injuries. He was joined by members of his family, who we spoke to briefly. We have secured them lodging in San Francisco while their loved one’s medical condition continues to be evaluated.

The second injured individual was treated and released from the hospital last evening. He also remains in San Francisco, where we have also secured him lodging. Members of the SFPCC went to the hospital last night, as soon as we were notified that the gunfire involved our vendors and we have reached out to provide assistance and help where we can. SFPCC wants to assure the vendors and their families that they have our support. The ability to hold our annual celebration would not be possible without the hard work of and the important partnership with our vendors. Their safety and welfare remains a priority. Our hearts go out to them for this terrible incident caused by the unidentified perpetrators.

With regard to the shooting itself, we are working with SFPD to do all we can to make sure those responsible for the injury and harm to our two vendors are caught. We are unaware if those responsible were members of the LGBT community, participants in our celebration in any way or if they even attended the Pride Celebration. Thus, it would be inappropriate for us to comment as to whom is responsible for the injuries inflicted on our vendors and our Community until the SFPD has thoroughly investigated. It is a Police matter and we will provide all the assistance we can.
At the close of a week where the LGBT Community has had such tremendous victories, we are saddened that such a senseless and selfish act has occurred to diminish even one moment of our celebration. But, such an unwarranted act is an affront and injury to our entire SF Community. With that in mind, we hope that our LGBT Community and other San Franciscans do everything they can to work closely with the SFPD to ensure that such a tragedy is never repeated. If you were a witness to any of these events, we ask that you contact the SFPD at 415-553-0123. Stand with us in stopping such senseless violence against other human beings.

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12 Responses to Statement by the San Francisco Pride Celebration Committee on Last Evening’s Shooting Involving Two Vendors

  1. John Thomas says:

    Better late then never I guess huh? Oh wait, the pride president still hasnt reached out to the injured yet!

  2. Shaun Osburn says:

    I hate to say this, but it’s time we start considering options to keep the level of insanity down at Pride. I have a few suggestions:

    1) Shutting down BART service from the East Bay. A great deal of the violence comes from people outside of the City.
    2) Requiring a valid photo ID that proves residency in San Francisco to gain entrence into the festival area.
    3) Cut down on the amount of alcohol vendors at the festival.
    4) Metal detectors or pat downs at the entrence areas
    5) A required donation for entrence into the festival area.

    Thinking of solutions now is crucial. We don’t want to lose Pride the same way we lost Halloween in the Castro.

    • a says:


      Are you kidding me? Excluding every LGBTQA person who doesn’t have an address is San Francisco?

      What of the students who live and study in the dorms in San Francisco. Are they too much of outsiders for your Pride festival?

      What of all the beautiful queers, fairies, dykes, aliens, etc from all over the bay? Are they to be excluded from a hub of homo-queer-rainbow identity? San Francisco is more than a city, it is a symbol. Let that symbol effect the community at large. How does one change the world if no dialogue is made? How does culture spread if not through travelling to other regions, festivals, celebrations.

      Pride is NOT about exclusion. Pride is about public confidence in Identity.

      Yes. Pride does become a shit show. Yes, I think regulation is important. Oxymoron of the year: Required Donation.

      While I appreciate your critical eye, let’s remind ourselves what Pride is about. Community. Radical Self-Expression. Acceptance.

      With any radical self expression, we will encounter a equal and opposite expression from another soul. We must learn to accept and negotiate that space to allow a symbiotic relationship.

      Blocking out the other serves no one but the self.

      • a says:

        by students, I mean people who have a permanent residence outside of san francisco, but spend most of their year within the city.

    • Adam says:

      Shaun, although I applaud your willingness to come up with suggestions, I think you need to think them through a bit more.

      1) BART should never be shut down or show discrimination as to whom or what area’s it services. No one knows how many upstanding citizens actually live in East Bay as to how many bad people may live in downtown S.F. proper. Those involved in the incident have yet to be identified so to start blaming a section of town is premature.

      2) Many people from all around the world attend the event, to deny them access cause they don’t actually live in S.F. is just ludicrous. You stop letting people in, you start losing money and funding for the event all together.
      3) Alcohol is legal to those who are of proper age. Once you start limiting the amount vendors are allowed to sell your heading down a slipper slope of prohibition.

      4) GREAT IDEA! I totally agree with you on that one. Cheers!

      5) Some pride rally’s require you to pay to get in, some are free, and others are on a donation basis. To deny a law abiding citizen, who doesn’t have a lot of money to spare, the ability to participate in a pride celebration is cruel and unjust. Forcing people to pay to get in, doesn’t stop the ‘bad guys’. Yes, it may detour some homeless people from entering but not all homeless people are ‘bad’ either.

      I encourage more brainstorming on how to make any event more safe. I don’t have the answers myself, but lets keep the conversation going.

      • Shaun Osburn says:

        People, people, I’m just brainstorming. Getting the ball rolling. I was not meaning to come across as a classist, San Francisco centric teetotaler. Suggestions of all kinds need to be put out there so that the Pride Board of Directors can weigh them all and ultimately decide. If they do decide anything at all. They might just keep rolling with the status quo and crossing their fingers that violence at Pride just magically vanishes.

    • decoman says:

      You are just ignorant!

  3. David Rojas says:

    Will there be a donating fund to help those who were injured and their families?

  4. steve mclean says:

    I think its important to say whether or not the crime was hate based or not. It would go long way towards calming the community to know if the two men were shot accidently,
    because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time , or deliberately as targets based on orientation.

  5. Ben says:

    I will do the discriminating personally. As a discriminating person, I will never go to one of these again. I will exclude myself out from the thuggy ghetto bullshit that is coddled by the syrupy fringe. Enjoy yourselves.

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