SF Pride CEO Earl Plante to speak at Black Health & Healing Summit

Black Health & Healing SummitThe Black Coalition on AIDS/Rafiki Wellness will be hosting a Black Health & Healing Summit – “Alive, Aware & Taking Action,” on Saturday, April 20, from 9am-5pm at the Cesar Chavez Student Center at San Francisco State University. Conference highlights will include two keynotes, workshops and panel discussions. Complementary health screenings, massages, acupuncture, & more will be available on-site.

San Francisco Pride CEO Earl Plante, along with 2009 Grand Marshal Andrea Shorter, will be leading a session on Marriage Equality & the Black Community. SF Pride Board President Lisa Williams will introduce keynote speaker Marcellina Ogbu, of the San Francisco Department of Public Health. More information can be found at the Black Coalition on Aids website.

Click below for a PDF with more information on the program schedule:

 Revised Health Summit 2013

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3 Responses to SF Pride CEO Earl Plante to speak at Black Health & Healing Summit

  1. Laurence Verga says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I represent the televised presentation of the pride parade, and thus would like to discuss your participation. I can be reached at 415/302-4278. Thank you.

  2. Seth Newmeyer says:

    The fact that you profane MLK’s legacy by placing him alongside the war-mongering right-winger Obama speaks volumes as to what you see the contemporary civil rights movement as. So does the fact that you have a CEO–that you are proudly touting your corporate institutionalization and anti-democratic, pro-capital power structures as a good thing. How can you be for equality when you’re reproducing anti-representative repression from within?
    PS Free Bradley Manning!

  3. Frank in Paris says:

    Where is Bradley Manning? Morality and “Gay Pride” are now two different things. It wasn’t always so.

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