Over 75% of Grant Monies Returned to Community Partners

Continued Progress in Paying Back 2010 Partners

$126,529 paid to 2010 partners to date

We are happy to announce that we have now paid over $126,000 to our 2010 Community Partner grant recipients, marking more than 75% of grant monies returned to participating organizations. This includes $5,600 in additional grant payments placed in the mail this week to Pride’s 2010 Community Partners. Our new Interim Executive Director Brendan Behan, who has worked with Pride through four events and previously served as the organization’s Deputy Executive Director in 2008 and 2009, personally contributed a $2,000 donation to Pride’s latest round of payments.

“I have spent years working with our Community Partners at Pride, and I have personally witnessed their dedication and support to the community through their participation in this program. I want our partners to know that the Pride board of directors and I are as serious as we can be about rebuilding our partners’ trust. I hope, too, that making my own donation to this effort that I can persuade others to join us in contributing to our Community Partners, whose organizations fight day in and day out for LGBT people, our allies, and our community.” – Brendan Behan, Interim Executive Director

With the latest round of payments, we are also announcing the launch of a new fundraising initiative to ask Pride members and volunteers and the community to match our most recent contribution through individual donations earmarked toward Pride’s 2010 Community Partners. We are asking donors to log onto sfpride.org/donate to make a contribution.

The Community Partners Program is a beneficiary program for Bay Area-based nonprofit organizations that help run Pride’s donation gates and beverage booths at the annual Celebration and Parade. In exchange for their support, Pride provides its Community Partners with grants each year in August. Pride has donated more than $1.7 million back to the community through the program since its inception in 1997.

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