New Legislation Could Affect Your Bottom-Line

Supervisor Mark Farrell has introduced legislation at City Hall which will have a significant and positive financial impact for LGBT couples in San Francisco who work for the City.

Currently, if same-sex spouses/domestic partners elect to add their spouse or domestic partner to their health care coverage, additional federal tax is taken out of their pay. Therefore, same-sex spouses or domestic partners are taxed more than others simply because their spouse is of the same gender. Supervisor Mark Farrell’s legislation would offset the discriminatory federal tax and provide a reimbursement to these couples who work for the City of San Francisco. Private employers, such as Google, and other municipalities, such as Cambridge, Massachusetts, have already implemented similar programs and laws to offset this discriminatory federal tax.  San Francisco should follow suit.

Supervisor Farrell’s legislation was heard and recommended at the San Francisco Board of Supervisor’s Budget and Finance Committee on February 6, 2013, and will be voted on, and potentially become law, shortly thereafter at the Board of Supervisors. To show your support for this common-sense law you can contact the San Francisco Board of Supervisors at:

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