National LGBT Leaders Congratulate Earl Plante as new CEO of SF Pride

Upon his arrival this week as the new CEO of San Francisco Pride, LGBT leaders from around the nation congratulate Earl Plante, and the SF Pride Board of Directors for appointing him to lead the widely respected organization:

“The Latino Commission on AIDS congratulates Earl Plante on his new position as CEO of San Francisco Pride. Mr. Plante’s leadership and commitment to advance the causes of the LGBTQ community makes him the ideal choice for this position. The staff of the Latino Commission on AIDS supports Mr. Plante in his new role and welcomes opportunities for partnership and collaboration with San Francisco Pride on their long and distinguished history to promote, educate and empower LGBTQ communities.”

Guillermo Chacon
Latino Commission on AIDS

“First, San Francisco takes the World Series and now it is taking Earl Plante from New York! I congratulate SF Pride for its recent hire of Earl Plante to be their CEO. Earl has been a leader in the myriad struggles for civil rights for the LGBT community for many years. As a Member of the New York State Assembly, I worked closely with Earl to pass the first landmark civil rights bill which became an early model for the nation, the Sexual Orientation Non Discrimination Act (SONDA). Through the years Earl has been in the forefront of most every Civil Rights issue for gay as well as straight people. We will miss his leadership and wisdom in New York. And although he is now a citizen of the Bay Area, New Yorkers join me in believing that he “left his heart” in New York. For sure he certainly left his mark!”

The Honorable Steven Sanders
Former Member, New York State Assembly (1978-2005) Executive Director of Agencies for Children’s Therapy Services (ACTS)

“We are thrilled for SF Pride. In only a year as a member of TAG’s board, Earl has brought us vision, energy and a wealth of knowledge. His commitment to HIV/AIDS and the LGBT community is outstanding.”

Barbara Hughes
Board President
Treatment Action Group (TAG)

“Earl Plante is a treasure. He is full of energy, exudes wisdom, and is passionate about all the right issues. SF Pride is fortunate indeed to have secured his leadership.”

John Gooding
Chair, One Voice PAC

“It was a real pleasure to work with Earl Plante as Chief Operating Officer of the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC) where he managed our $1.3 million dollar budget and also in his previous capacity as Board Chair of NBJC. Earl is hardworking, dedicated, very intelligent and passionate about his work and the relationships he builds in serving an organization. I look forward to working with Earl in new position with SF Pride where I know he will do an excellent job.”

Hon. Darryl Moore
Board Chair, National Black Justice Coalition
Berkeley City Council, District 2

“I had the great opportunity to work with Earl Plante when he was the Chief Operating Officer with the National Black Justice Coalition in Washington, D.C. He is not only a phenomenal fundraiser, but he is also a true visionary. He was instrumental in NBJC’s efforts and mission to build bridges across diverse communities, but also helped to sustain relationships that became mutually beneficial to the LGBT Movement for civil rights. I could not think of a better fit for Earl in his new position as CEO. He is up to the challenge and will take SF Pride to even greater heights….SF Pride has chosen the right man for the right job at the right time.”

Sylvia Rhue, Ph.D.
Former Director of Religious Affairs & Director of Research and Academic Initiatives
National Black Justice Coalition

“Earl Plante is a recognized national role model by peers, and is held in high regard by a diverse range of civic and social justice organizations across the country. From his dynamic tenure as Board Chair of the National Black Justice Coalition and as Chief Operating Officer as a staff member in our Washington, DC office…His values, especially his steadfast commitment to issues of equality, social justice, and human dignity, as well as his integrity and honor have impressed me over the years…I have no doubt that Earl will be a shining success as CEO of SF Pride, which is extra special for me having lived in San Francisco and served on its SF LGBT Pride Committees in the past.”

Mandy Carter
Co-Founder, National Black Justice Coalition &
National Coordinator, Bayard Rustin 2012-2013 Commemoration Project of the National Black Justice Coalition

“Earl Plante is a dynamic, passionate and experienced leader whose devotion and commitment to LGBT justice and equality is unmatched. Earl’s background in working with and serving the many diverse communities that comprise the LGBT and AIDS/HIV communities makes him uniquely qualified to lead SF Pride and to carry out its groundbreaking mission. New York’s loss is San Francisco’s gain.”

Matthew McMorrow
Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn

“Earl is one of the most dynamic and engaging leaders in supporting issues affecting all of the LGBT communities. As I’ve come to know him over the years, I have been impressed by his passion, doggedness and calm under pressure. He is never at a loss for an idea that will better showcase an issue or cause, and he’s not someone who just talks about a vision, but works arduously to see that vision realized. SF Pride is lucky to bring such an asset on board.”

Jeff Simmons
Executive Vice President, Anat Gerstein &
Former Communications Director for NYC Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr.

“Earl’s broad and deep experience of LGBT, HIV, health and rights advocacy brings dynamic force to SF Pride’s evolving mission to fight for LGBT rights, visibility, and empowerment in San Francisco, around the United States, and globally. TAG looks forward to working with Earl and SF Pride to promote an end to new HIV infections among gay and men who have sex with men, transgendered people, and to working for rights and equality for all people everywhere.”

Mark Harrington
Executive Director
Treatment Action Group (TAG)

“The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club of NYC congratulates San Francisco Pride in their selection of Earl Plante as their new CEO. As Vice President of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, Earl Plante, has exemplified an unparalleled concern for progressive principles, economic justice and human dignity. The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club will miss Mr. Plante’s leadership abilities as we continue our fight for a progressive and liberal city. We wish SF Pride and Earl Plante much continued success.”

Allen Roskoff
Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club

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