From the CEO…

From the CEO…

Dear Friends & Stakeholders:

I am pleased to welcome you to Pride Month as we approach the 43rd Annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade!  I am particularly honored to serve as SF Pride’s first CEO.  Collectively, we have accomplished so much together this year: on an organizational level revenues are at historic high levels, expenses have been reduced, loans/debts have been repaid, three years of clean audits were completed; and in the national context, our community is on the brink of a historic, marriage equality victory via the Supreme Court!

Our 2013 theme is apt: Embrace, Empower, Encourage.  SF Pride is invested in building a more progressive world, and seeks transformational change that is long-lasting, groundbreaking and that impacts lives and communities, more broadly.

Embrace: we embrace the truth: long-term change is not linear. Taking on the intractable problems of our time is not a simple, clear path. And the work of the LGBT movement can’t be done alone, but in concert with strategic allies on multiple levels.

Empower: we seek solutions built on deep understanding the power of diversity as an inherent value, and work closely with the most effective groups and individuals throughout the year to engage in strategies that make a real impact in our lives and communities.

Encourage: since 1997, with our community partners program, we have given millions to strengthen our community by providing mini-grants to local organizations on vital issues ranging from HIV/AIDS, homelessness and cancer; SF Pride is building a strong legacy investment for grassroots organizations, as well as providing seed dollars to support emerging leaders who can make a long term impactful positive change.

Thank you for your loyal and generous support over the years.  We hope as you celebrate throughout Pride Month, that you are moved to join us in an even bigger way in the future, as we aspire to change the world for the better!

Yours In Pride,

Earl L. Plante


San Francisco Pride

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2 Responses to From the CEO…

  1. I wish to only comment that it is way overdue in time that SFPride offers more family oriented things for Pride. Yes we all have come a long way but…there are those of us who now have families and I mean children. We went this past Saturday and again we were dissapointed that there is nothing for families. We have children under the age of six and all they got to do was play on the playground that was supposedly only open for a few hours on Sunday even though parts of the fence were moved so people could go in there. But a playground is not the only thing, there are tons of venues for adults, there are venues for teens, there are venues for HIV testing and marriages and trangender, but where is anything that is remotely available for families. Pride is not just Gay men and Women it is family too. You need to do something to change this, it may not add 100,000 people but it sure would make a change to where we gay families will not feel the need to get sitters or just not go at all.

  2. Trish says:

    I sincerely hope that you can see that banning Manning, against the wishes of the community, was a poor decision. I’m sure that you believed that what you were doing was right, but as a leader of a grass roots organization, it is imperative that you listen to others. And bringing in the recruiters was like salting an already angry wound. Live and learn.

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