Brazil’s Highest Court Legalizes Same-Sex Unions

Brasileiros, parabéns pela aprovação da união civil entre homossexuais!

In a 10 to 0 vote, Brazil’s highest court set a new precedent on Thursday by granting same-sex partnerships most of the same benefits as heterosexual couples. The court’s majority pointed to the Brazilian constitution’s guarantees for privacy and equality before the law as the reasoning for the decision. Brazil is the second South American nation after Argentina to grant legal recognition to same-sex partnerships.

The decision will provide same-sex partnerships most of the same rights as heterosexual partnerships including access to inheritance and pension benefits. There is still debate as to whether the right to adopt children has been conferred by the decision.

“The freedom to pursue one’s own sexuality is part of an individual’s freedom of expression.”
– Justice Carlos Ayres Britto

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One Response to Brazil’s Highest Court Legalizes Same-Sex Unions

  1. Fernando sampaio says:

    Actually, in Brazil the Civil Union will provide ALL the rights for gays couples; except to force religious institutions to perform ceremonies for members to LGBTQI community. But, who cares with religions?

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