SF Pride Continues to Support Global Equality

Global Equalityby Andrea Shorter

As the world watches the fate of Prop 8 and DOMA come before the United States Supreme Court, the eventual courts’ decisions to finally end these unjust laws will not only shape LGBT liberation history for our nation, but also potentially indirectly impact the lives of LGBT people world wide. While clearly the Court’s decisions on these matters have no jurisdiction beyond our own domestic or federal governance, it’s opportunity to render ‘separate but equal’ laws unconstitutional and unjust as it did in Brown Vs. the Board of Education can have a reverberating effect on the fight for LGBT equality beyond U.S. borders. 

As media technologies evolve, our global connectivity with LGBT people around the world is reshaping our sense of universal struggle for freedom and equality. Recognizing SF Pride’s historical and ever expanding role as a key leader for LGBT civil and human rights, last year community members elected “Global Equality” as the SF Pride Celebration 2012 theme.

Inspired in part by the harrowing events in countries such as Uganda — still facing the passage of what is known as the Bahati or ‘Kill the Gays’ bill to execute LGBT people — not only was the theme adopted, membership went on to elect LGBT rights champion Bishop Christopher Senyonjo as our first Global Pride Grand Marshal.

The idea of Global Equality is not a temporary fancy. SF Pride remains committed to recognizing and helping to advance global equality as on ongoing imperative. As such, we recognize that collaboration and communication where possible with our brothers and sisters beyond our North American borders is a responsible and respectful way to engage in our universal quest for freedom and equality. Our aim is to help in the most constructive ways possible without jeopardizing or putting in harm’s way the movements, activities, well-being, or lives of persons or organizations working for equality within their own countries, nations, and cultural contexts.

We look forward in the months to come to keeping you informed of our ongoing work with local, national, and international advocates for LGBT civil and human rights on ways in which SF Pride can and will hold fast to it’s commitment to advance Global Equality.

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  1. Merrill says:

    I encourage all involved in the SF Gay Pride events to articulate proud and clear support for BRADLEY MANNING. The negative press your event organizers have generated does a terrible diservice to the gay pride movement and to anybody who values respect for the truth no matter who speaks it, no matter who knows it. Do not allow the impression to linger that your pride is for sale to the highest bidder. Gay pride is a cornerstone in all coalitions involving human rights, and BRADLEY MANNING, as a gay man in the military who has suffered torture, sexual humiliation, and is threatened with a death sentence for sticking up for truth and refusing to expose innocent civil protestors has shown incredible courage. His battle is everbody’s battle. Certainly Gay Pride has a role to promote his fair treatment no matter what differences people have about the imperfection of his methods to do battle with corruption. I can not stress how important it is for the credibility of the gay Pride movement to remain firmly based in a humanitarian cause to align your message with honoring the hero BRADLEY MANNING.

  2. RobertSodervick says:


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