Protecting LGBT Rights in India

Photo Credit: Fry 1989

In 2009, the Delhi High Court in India struck down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, decriminalizing gay sex among consensual adults in the region. However, this has not stopped LGBT opponents from trying to overturn the decision.

The Union Home Ministry has recently been attempting to get the apex court to reconsider the ruling, saying that Section 377 ought to remain law to prevent cases of child sexual abuse and what it calls other unnatural offenses.

Gay rights activist in the country are standing up in opposition to the Union Home Ministry, deploring their calls for reconsideration of the law. Mohnish Malorta organizes the annual gay pride march in New Delhi and is a gay rights activist. He recently told the India Times, “If the government is trying to decide what is immoral or unnatural by ignoring human rights, then it is unfortunate.”

Other gay rights activists have condemned the actions of the Home Ministry, calling them irresponsible. The ministry’s insistence upon blaming the LGBT community for the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country is particularly disturbing.

Sadly, this is not the first time LGBT activists in India have had to defend the government’s stance regarding the decriminalization of homosexuality. We stand with them in their fight to defend and protect their human rights.

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