Pride Solidarity Message from Sexual Minorities Uganda

Sexual Minorities Uganda message of solidarity with San Francisco Pride

“Sexual Minorities Uganda [SMUG]: We’ve existed since 2004, advocating for the liberation of sexual and gender minorities by fighting discriminatory laws like the pending Anti Homosexuality Bill – 2009. SMUG stands in solidarity with all LGBTI persons and groups in San Francisco and globally. Loud love and Pride from Kampala Uganda.”

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  1. Lee Dorsey says:

    And back at you. Here is just latest of what you go through. UGANDAN LESBIAN to be Deported…. NOT just yet. GOOD NEWS UPDATED JUNE 22 2012 UGANDAN DEPORTEE Linda Nakibuuka,
    Apparently her MP and Minister of state for immigration Damian Green intervened. Deportation was stopped and Linda has been given 14 days to appeal to the High Court.
    Activists in UK thank for everyone for your support and prayers. Much appreciated.

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