SF Pride Responds to May 31 Community Forum

Over the past several weeks, SF Pride has sought to respectfully listen to and consider the various opinions and perspectives on the matter of Pfc. Bradley Manning and related interests in extending representative support for Pfc. Manning.   The SF Pride Board of Directors recognizes the divergent opinions regarding the matter of Pfc. Manning, but none of the three main options we received from the community forum on May 31 garnered a consensus majority.

Relatedly, a formal complaint to the City and County of San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) was recently filed. The HRC has recently determined that it will not investigate the discrimination claims filed against SF Pride. In its decision, the HRC cited a declaration in a 2007 court case regarding the Chinese New Year Parade that the City’s anti-discrimination laws do not:

“restrict the ability of a grantee that is engaged in a constitutionally protected artistic or cultural expression to select the message that it will express. In the context of inherently expressive artistic and cultural events, such as the Parade and Street Fair,… [T]he selection of the message that those events will express cannot be separated from the selection of the persons who will participate in those events.”

Therefore, SF Pride will continue to produce this year’s Pride Celebration to ensure a safe and joyful time for all attendees as safety and security is our number #1 priority. San Francisco is, and will remain, a beacon of hope for the LGBT liberation movement. We truly appreciate the vibrant diversity of our community, and look forward to advancing efforts to effectively “educate the world, commemorate our heritage, celebrate our culture, and liberate our people.”

About the 2013 San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade

This year marks the 43rd anniversary of the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade – held over the weekend of June 29 and 30.  With more than 250 parade contingents, 300 exhibitors and 21 community-run stages and venues, SF Pride Celebration and Parade is not only the largest annual gathering of LGBT people and allies in the nation, but it is also the second largest in the world behind only Sydney. SF Pride was also recently placed on the top of the list by Bay Area Reporter readers as being one of the 2013 “Best of the Gays.” The two-day celebration is free and open to all. For more information, visit sfpride.org.



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9 Responses to SF Pride Responds to May 31 Community Forum

  1. Craig Scott says:

    Would the Board please resign now. You have failed miserably.

  2. Bruce Mirken says:

    Wow, you guys have no shame, do you? I’m too embarrassed for you to be angry.

  3. Rick Hauptman says:

    You are an embarrassment to all that Pride means.

    Shame on you!

    I hope you all get replaced on the Board and take Mr. Earl Plante with you.

  4. Elizabeth Ferrari says:

    When did “safety and security” become the number 1 priority of SF Pride? That actually explains quite a bit.

  5. ron cordova says:

    You have failed completely to represent the gay community at large with this one. Not even a tidbit of decency regarding the importance of this young valuable gay man of conscience. Am I surprised not at all, I attended the forum, if you are the faces of Stonewall
    I worry for our future. You could not be more uninformed on this one, simply wrong.
    However, peace and justice always finds it’s voice, sadly you were not listening.

  6. Thom story says:

    You’re a bunch of spineless pussies!!! Guess you don’t know what activism means?!? Remember stonewall, white night, act up?!? You need to do what right, and do it NOW… Oh wait, I forgot, you’re owned by b of a, etc.
    Worthless joke of a parade!!!

  7. Larry Ackerman says:

    Do all Board decisions and actions require consensus? That is a very unusual structure for a non-profit Board of Directors. If that is not the required structure then why did issues regarding the honoring or dis-honoring of Bradley Manning require a consensus?

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  9. Gary Cozette - Chicago says:

    I live in Chicago with my same-sex spouse, Joseph. We were among the 18,000 couples married in 2008 in California before Prop 8. It is enormously disappointing that SF Gay Pride leadership defied its own protocols – reportedly bowing to political pressure from Democratic Party leadership – to ban Bradley Manning from serving in absentia as grand marshal. A gay whistleblower of courageous conscience, Bradley Manning has been relentlessly persecuted and abused both physically and psychologically under solitary confinement, often nude, for many months by the Obama Administration. It is shameful that the Director of SF Gay Pride and later its board denied Mr. Manning a legitimate place as grand marshal in the SF Pride Parade is shameful, despite the longstanding protocols of selection by past grand marshals is shameful.

    2013 will mark the year that SF Gay Pride decisively sold out to the political elite and corporate America, abdicating San Francisco’s role as the standard bearer for the 1969 grassroots uprising against the oppressive misuse of State authority: the Stonewall Rebellion.

    Gary Cozette, Chicago

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