SF Pride Membership Making Grand Marshal Nominations This Month

Celebrity Guest Calpernia Addams

Photo Credit: Charles Morelo

This month, Pride’s Membership will be making nominations for the membership’s choice of one Community Grand Marshal for this year’s Celebration and Parade.  Nominations will open at the February General Planning Meeting, on the 21st at 7pm in the SF Pride offices. [MAP] Nominations for the membership’s choice for Community Grand Marshal will remain open until February 28th.

Pride members and members of the public are invited to attend the meeting to discuss who will be on the public ballot and to hear recommendations for the membership’s choice. Only members in good standing are eligible to make nominations.

After the meeting on the 21st, all members in good standing can send nominations to gmnominations@sfpride.org.

San Francisco Pride’s Grand Marshals are the public emissaries of Pride. Community Grand Marshals are local Bay Area leaders who have made significant contributions to the LGBT community. To learn more about membership with SF Pride, click here.

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2 Responses to SF Pride Membership Making Grand Marshal Nominations This Month

  1. tracy adams says:

    i would like to know if anyone has any pictures of miss gay kentucky TRACY FOSTER she was in the sf gay pride parade in 1986 i would like to purchase some if possible thank you

  2. As a former Grand Marshal (1986), I’d like to submit a name for nomination – Chris Carnes.
    I moved to San Francisco in 1966 so I may refer to organizations, places and people who don’t
    exist in 2015.

    I first met Chris when I was performing at the country-western bar Rawhide (owned by Ray Chaulker, publisher of the gay newspaper, The Sentinel). She won the title of Miss Rawhide that night and I handed her the award. A few months later, I ran into her at either an AIDS fund raiser or at the Cable Car Awards (she was on the B of D of both). She was producing a fund raiser for a gay candidate for supervisor or judge, and asked me to perform. I never say no unless I don’t understand the question. We became friends and every time she asked to help out for the cause,
    be it HRC, REAF, AEF, whatever she was raising funds for, I said yes. And when the community wanted to build a center, Chris was on the ground floor of its creation and remained a board member well after it was built. She’s a very persuasive women; I did two fund raisers for it and I’m not gay! Like I say she’s very persuasive. I knew and worked for Chuck Holmes at Trinity Place, a financial district gay bar/restaurant. When I know you better, I’ll tell you a funny story. Now she has the Carnes List which is a network that markets non-profit LGBT events in the Bay Area.

    Chris Carnes is a deserving candidate for Grand Marshal for her countless years of activism and service to the LGBT community on so many different levels and for so many different organizations.

    Chris can be reached 425-999-2490 or chris@chriscarnesonline.com.

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