San Francisco Pride Request for Proposals 2014

View of SF Pride Main Stage

SF Pride Main Stage

San Francisco Pride is accepting proposals for Event Content and Goods and Services.

San Francisco Pride is accepting proposals for event content as well as equipment and services for the 2014 Celebration and Parade. Event content can be submitted by community groups and businesses that wish to add new programming that broadens the appeal of the event. Proposals are due by November 22.

San Francisco Pride also requires equipment and services in order to produce the 2014 event. Local businesses are welcome to submit proposals. San Francisco Pride should be contacted first to verify that a product or service is needed. Proposals are due by December 6.

For more information see our Request for Proposals page on the SF Pride website. Information on what to include can be viewed online and can be downloaded in PDF format. Additional questions can be sent to the Event Director at eventdirector [at] sfpride dot org.

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