Reina Williams Winner of the Raising Voices Talent Competition

San Francisco Pride is thrilled to announce the winner of the 2014 Raising Voices Talent Competition. Reina Williams, a native of Baltimore and currently living in Brooklyn, New York was the winner of the afternoon competition on the Main Stage at Civic Center Plaza. Williams launched a successful GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds to cover her travel expenses during the weekend.

For more information on Reina Willams, visit her website. Below is video of her winning performance, a cover of the Lorde song, “Royals”:

The competition was judged by Tita Aida, Brian Kent, and Caroline Lund, with comedienne Shann Carr hosting.

San Francisco Pride would also like to thank the other talented vocalists who participated in the competition:

Andreea Keller
Angela Deed
Antonio Rodriguez
Krista De La Rose (Justin Bagley)
Jackie Rains
Loren Qualls
Luke Lynch
Nur Pratama
Sara Crowe
Shakes Gibson (Charles Galindo)
Trisha Sandelin

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