2013 Grand Marshal and Pink Brick Nominations Now Open

2012 Community Grand Marshal Edaj

2012 Community Grand Marshal Edaj. Photo Credit: Bill Weaver

San Francisco Pride is currently seeking open nominations for Community and Organizational Grand Marshals to lead this year’s Pride Parade. A Community Grand Marshal is a local hero (individual) who is not a celebrity, and an Organizational Community Grand Marshal shall be a non-profit organization. Nominations can be made by anyone in the community via mail, fax, or email until January 31, 2013. After January 31, the SF Pride Board of Directors will narrow the list down to 10 names, which will be placed on a ballot for the community to vote on during the month of March. 

Previous Grand Marshal winners include The ACLU of Northern California (Organizational 2012), NAACP (Organizational 2009), Gay Asian Pacific Alliance (Organizational 2008), Sister Roma (2012), Victoria Kolakowski (2011), and Andrea Shorter (2009). A full list dating back to 2006 can be found at the San Francisco Pride web site.

SF Pride is also seeking nominations for the annual Pink Brick Award, an award given each year to a person or institution whose actions are deemed to have caused significant harm to the LGBT community. The Pink Brick is seen as an opportunity to educate the community, the Pink Brick recipient, and the world. Previous winners include Peter LaBarbera (2012), Evangelical leader Lou Engle (2011), California Senator Roy Ashburn (2010), Carrie Prejean (2009), Bill O’Reilly (2008), George W. Bush (2007), Arnold Schwarzenegger (2006), and California Senator Diane Feinstein (2005).

Anyone can submit nominations for the Community Grand Marshal, the Organizational Grand Marshal, and/or the Pink Brink Award. Submissions must be made through one of the following means:

Mail: 1841 Market Street, 4th Floor SF, CA 94103 (Post marked no later than 1/31/13)
Fax: 415-864-5889 (received no later than 1/31/13)
Email: gmnominations@sfpride.org

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